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NQT Behaviour Stuggle

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by pianopete, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. pianopete

    pianopete Occasional commenter

    Dear Tom
    Was advised to post this here as well as in NQT forum. Thanks in advance for responses!

    Hello all,
    I'm having a tough time in my current NQT year. I did my first PGCE placement in the school and got an outstanding, in an ostensibly tougher and lower ability school I got an outstanding on 2nd placement. I am currently struggling to gain satisfactory in most observations (excluding 2 goods with lovely classes) and it is likely I may fail this 2nd term. I realise that is not the end of the world but I have an issue with behaviour that I'd like to get opinions on.

    I teach several classes where a large amount of low level disruption is apparent - constant talking when I am, fiddling with pens, walking around the room, shouting at each other. It is hard to pick out individual culprits, especially when I am trying to get the class quiet for teacher talk/register - so sanctioning individuals is hard but punishing the whole class is something I do not want to do as it risks losing the few who are on-side.

    Feedback is a mound of conflicting advice. Yes they need sanctions and boundaries to learn what is inappropriate but are needy/low ability/sensitive/immature and therefore need lots of praise, but it is hard to praise the good when so many are ignoring my instructions. Ability range is wide so starting the lesson with something everyone can do is possible but would be painfully easy for the top end. Planning is hard and I am always planned but am beginning to resent planning so much for classes who don't care.

    It has been hinted that bridges have been burnt and therefore almost impossible for me to win back these classes. The classes appear to have been asked about me by their Head of Year in terms of what is working and what isn't in the classes. I am trying to be positive with behaviour management, praising good behaviour, lots of praise for work done, smiling, greeting at the door etc. in an attempt to win them over but when they are so constantly rude it is hard to keep this up for 4 lessons a week (subject is English).

    Sorry this has been a bit of a random rant!! Is it to late to retrieve things? Can I rediscover my love for the job?
  2. pianopete

    pianopete Occasional commenter

    Apologies for dual posting - didn't realist first had gone through.

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