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NQT awarding body

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Just_For_Now, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Hi!

    Just after some help! I am applying for a job and can't find my NQT certifictate. The application is asking for the 'awarding body'. Who would this be?

  2. Ooops-- I've found it! Sorry...just getting a little stressed.
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    It is actually the GTC as they award QTS- now what happens when they go?
  4. Your ITT institution - in my case university - actually `recommend`you to the GTC for QTS who then award it ! How ridiculously long winded ! Presumably then, its your senior lecturers who decide you are fit to teach - which also makes a mockery somewhat of the induction year as QTS cannot be taken away once you have it! Yes, you gain experience but you are no better qualified after the year of many hours and dark thoughts. Methinks the GTC and TDA were just created by the government to create jobs as I have yet to find them any use at all. Lets hope they are scrapped and replaced with a department that is actually on the side of all teachers and can even advise and help them! Maybe they will award QTS with some qudos and actually have some input into your career thereafter.
  5. Actually, if you fail your NQT year you can't teach in a state school. So some might say that you are better 'qualified' after the induction year.
  6. Thats true - so that now leads me to thinking why not award QTS only after completing induction? I imagine that is because it would be unfair on those not intending to teach in the state sector ? I think failing an NQT year and not being able to start it are very different situations however and those in these two predicaments should be better supported after committing to a course of study that demanded their not inconsiderable time and effort. The system is unfair as it currently prevents NQTs from completing the induction they have been prepared for and deemed fit to undertake. It seems clear that it is not possible to offer all NQTs the induction year so changes should be made and support offered by a body fit for purpose.
  7. At present the plan is for the function of the TDA to go to a 'section' of the DfE I suspect that this same section of the DfE will manage the register of qualified teachers.
    All schools have an obligation to check that a person awarded QTS is on the register. Currently the GTC holds the register and that also includes the information on whether or not that person has successfully completed induction.
    An analogy for induction is passing your driving test - you are a qualified driver - but you have not had a complete experience of all road conditions, so many newly qualified drivers use a green P label to indicate that they have recently passed but still need experience.
    QTS renders you fit and competent to teach, induction provides you with further 'road' experience in conditions that you could not experience while training (e.g. learner drivers are not allowed on motorways) and after a year your QTS is confirmed.
    Once you have QTS it cannot be removed, it is true, but restrictions (e.g. not being able to teach inb the state sector) can be applied to what you can do with that qualification.

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