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NQT and still no job since completing PGCE in 2018

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by toyin20121, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. toyin20121

    toyin20121 New commenter

    I feel like I'm doing something wrong, constantly being accepted for interviews but, being given the same feedback 'confidence'. I've had many lesson observations that the children have made an element progress in the task which in my eyes is a great thing. My last interview in June I had, I was completely honest and open as to why I hadn't secured a role yet as I'm not just selecting any school, I'm a very unique, committed and hardworking individual and I'm waiting for the right school to take a chance on someone different and be able to support me effectively on my journey. The feedback from my last interview I was told that it was offered to another NQT that seemed more confident but felt my lesson was very good. I asked what she meant as confidence comes in many forms and its something that continues to grow.......she felt that my body language lacked confidence. The thing about that position she offered to that NQT is that she turned it down (as my 2 sisters work in the same school) which is a shame as I would have loved to have worked in that school. I've continued to work on my confidence, I lost it for a while during my final school placement but, I know my worth and I need some advice as to what to do because I want to be working, I want my own class, I am willing to do some supply work or is it best to just quit altogether and go into something else instead? I'm a single mum of 2, I'm selecting schools that fit in with me being able to collect kids within a good time and I'm struggling to find a role, I just get low at times.......So many have completed their induction year now and I haven't even started yet. I've had 11 interviews since completing my PGCE in 2018 but feeling low now, like maybe I'm not going to be good enough for any school. Should I just be a TA instead? As I would easily get that job even if the pay isn't great, its a job :-(
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  2. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    Not a good start, being picky.
    As are we all, my flower :rolleyes:
    Why should they bother to do that ? I'd imagine that they have enough work to be getting on with without the need to offer even more support than they have to anyway.
    Which means that they really didn't want you, or they would have offered you the job once she turned it down.
    Probably the most sensible thing you have said in your whole post !
    Again - pickiness doesn't help your cause - however justified.
    If they are getting the inflexible picky princess vibe off you that I did, I'm not surprised.
    That's normal - being an unemployed single mum can't be easy.
    Well, at least you know that your application is solid. I'd definitely go with doing supply. It can sometimes lead to full time work / permanent contracts. Even if it doesn't, it's easier to get a job of you are in a job.

    Good luck :)
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  3. blue451

    blue451 Lead commenter

    Confidence is a game. At first, you have to pretend you're confident. Do what confident people do and in the way they do it. And eventually you will become confident.

    Sounds like US pseudo-psychie bullcarp but it works.

    How about some supply to practise your confident acting in a real class?
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  4. toyin20121

    toyin20121 New commenter

    Thank you for your opinion, much appreciated and yes supply work I will surely give a try
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  5. toyin20121

    toyin20121 New commenter

    I will surely work on trying to act confident even though deep down inside I'm not and I'm going to try supply work.....thank you for your advice
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  6. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    Yes it does
    I think that this would be the best route to building confidence.
  7. Skeoch

    Skeoch Star commenter

    You are asking the question, "What can this school do for me?"
    Consider the question when you apply, "What can I do for this school?"
  8. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    The OP feels he is is unique

    That's why nobody wants to give him a job
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  9. peter12171

    peter12171 Star commenter

    One thing you might want to think about is looking at your writing style and paragraphing. You make a lot of points, but it comes across as a confused mass. Of course, if you have been getting interviews this is less of a problem, but literacy is (rightly) a key thing that schools are concerned about.

    Apart from that, take on board what others have said. Very few people get their ideal post when they start out, so you might need to accept something that you’re not quite so keen on. But don’t despair; you are by no means the only person in this position.
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  10. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi toy

    Firstly, well done on securing interviews. As someone else said above, it is very positive that you are getting interviews. So pat yourself on the back for that.

    Also, as mentioned above, you have to act confidently even if you don't feel it - act like you are confident and the feelings of confidence will come. You definitely will need those acting skills if you try some supply teaching since you have to convince a class within just a minute that you are in charge!

    You are wise to choose a school carefully - just so that you are mentored properly and they have the systems in place to help you and you are right to want to ensure you are in a position to pick up your children on time or to ensure you can arrange someone to pick them up.

    Supply would give you some experience and it would also give you an opportunity to have a good look around various schools and something may come form that.

    If you decide on supply, over on the supply forum there are some posts for people new to supply so you could read those to see what you need to know/do and trip wires to avoid.

    As peter12171 says, don't get to anxious and there are many people facing similar hurdles.

    Look how far you have come so far: a degree, two children, and PGCE.
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  11. foxtail3

    foxtail3 Star commenter

    I think you should get as much supply work as you can. That gives you experience, helps to build confidence and gives you an idea of the type of school you think might be a good fit with you.

    Don’t be too sure about getting a TA post ‘easily’
    They aren’t that easy to come by.

    I agree with @peter12171. You need to adapt your writing style,; use paragraphs at the very least. Although I suppose your written applications must have impressed the interviewers sufficiently to offer you interviews.

    You may also need to think about additional childcare, because you’re restricting your options by looking at schools that you think will fit in with your life. As an NQT, you probably need, at least for a while, to fit in with the school, not the other way round.
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  12. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Sounds like an over staffed subject or an over staffed area. Somewhere are schools struggling to recruit, might be a bit tough or a low ofsted, but struggling to recruit. Get in there, get your ECF and then from there get jobs that you want.
  13. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    What subject and what area are you in?
  14. sarah_carradus

    sarah_carradus New commenter

    I am in the same position and not knowing whether to continue with it as a career. I completed my PE PGCE in 2018 and didn't really apply for jobs at the time, due to having a horrendous placement which led to me nearly dropping out and requesting a change in placement and which left me with no confidence in my teaching ability, especially when being observed (even though I had plenty of positives off my mentor). I decided to spend some time doing supply to build up some confidence and have been doing supply since November 2018 (had to wait months for my DBS to come through). I ended up doing full time supply at a lovely school from February half term til the end of the school year, it started as 3 days and kept being extended by a week or 2 weeks until the end of the year, as the teachers sick note was extended, so it didn't count towards my NQT. But, due to the distance of the school from where I lived and having to rely on public transport and often covering other lessons in my frees, I struggled to find time to complete job applications. Now I am back waiting for the phone to ring each morning for supply work.

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