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NQT and Progress 8 - I'm worried

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by themissv, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. themissv

    themissv New commenter

    I have recently started as an NQT and overall my job is going well barring the usual issues that any teacher would face.

    Because I have SEND experience I have been given a below-bottom set Y11 who are all targeted a 3 at GCSE. I'm really worried because the students in my class have very bad home lives, low attendance, SEND needs etc and the vast majority of them may not even be able to achieve a 1.

    What will happen to me when these guys take their GCSEs and my P8 is -10 or whatever? Can I still pass my NQT year? Will they sack me from the school I am working in?

    I am doing everything I can for these kids but like I said their home lives and disabilities are not conducive to high grades.

    Any advice or info would be appreciated.

  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    In a reasonable school*, they will be well aware that this group are not likely to achieve well, and won't be measuring you on results, especially as you're only teaching them for the last two terms of their schooling. Talk to your HoD/mentor about their expectations. Do what you can to keep the kids moving forwards, and nobody can ask much more. Keep records, so that if a jobsworth comes along and says "only three of them reached their target", you can point out that only three of them actually attended more than x% of the lessons. Oh, and since the actual GCSE results won't be out until after the end of your NQT year, those can't directly affect whether you pass anyway.
    You'll also have other groups - they may not have external exams, but they'll still be able to look at their progress.

    *Unfortunately not all schools are reasonable, but very many are. We red about a biassed sample in the TES forums!

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