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NQT and PPA time

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by ksc6, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter


    I'm sure this has come up a million times but what exactly are our 'rights' (as such) to NQT and PPA time? Should we have to change our NQT/PPA time to the days when we have courses? I have always changed my afternoons to fit in with courses as we are a small school but other NQTs seem to think I am being taken for a ride. I am now having to take my NQT time in small slots here and there to fit in with other timetable constraints etc and apparently my head has said that I've had enough time as it is already with NQT courses and the time when my class have their music lesson. Personally, I thought I had almost always changed my NQT time to the time of the course but that's another issue. I just want to make sure that I am getting what I should get. As an NQT I don't want to rock the boat but it seems that I am getting a worse deal than a lot of other people in my situation. Don't want to moan out of turn though...

    Many thanks
  2. You're meant to get your 10% PPA time and on top of that the 10% NQT allowance.
    In my NQT year I got 6 frees a week, and I rarely got taken for cover. But I did get a form.
  3. Schools are within their rights to use your NQT time for NQT related courses - you are meant to use NQT time for professional development and this more than fits into that category (i use mine for planning most of the time! But have done lots of school visits and courses).
    They are also allowed to take two weeks worth of NQT time away from you for example, if you go on a one day NQT course.
    They cant touch your PPA - This is for a different purpose - and if you are losing this whilst out on courses it is supposed to be rescheduled.
    However - at my school i have NQT time Tues AM and PPA time Weds AM. My TA covers both. If i went on a course on the wednesday, i would happily forfeit my PPA time as i was still getting my NQT time. But this is a 2 way thing as if i were on an NQT course on a monday, the school dont take my NQT time off me. Kind of an unspoken compromise.
    It depends on the situation really - but dont let them take your PPA, thats not fair and its needed.

  4. I'd suggest it's not worth worrying about what other NQTs think as long as you're getting the support and time that YOU need. I have an afternoon for PPA each week, which sometimes gets moved around because I'm also in a small school where flexibility is everything but my NQT time moves around a lot. Some weeks I get nothing and others I'll be out on a full day course so it's swings and roundabouts really. As the NQT time is intended for professional development and NOT PPA then this is actually quite fair though friends have commented to me that I should be getting more regular non-contact time. I'm happy, though, have a supportive mentor and don't feel I'm being hard done by and that's the key. Do you feel you're getting the support and CPD you need? If so, then it sounds like you're getting a fair deal and to be honest, at this point in the year (assuming you started induction in September) then there's little point in rocking the boat as you'll be down to half a day from September anyway.
  5. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter


    Thanks for the speedy responses. I thought that was the case with courses and NQT time and I am happy that is so!

    I seem to remember something from the end of my ITT course about having to be given NQT time in "reasonable chunks of time" - have I remembered this correctly? And, as such, would half an hour here, twenty minutes there etc count as reasonable? To be honest, I'm not the sort of person to complain about things so I'd probably never say anything to the powers that be anyway. I almost just want to justify to myself that I'm not getting an unfair deal...

    On a similar note, next year I will be doing a Masters in Education which is one afternoon a week. I get the feeling this will come out of my PPA time. Is that right?

    Thanks again for the speedy replies.
  6. PPA should be in chunks of 30 minutes, I believe, quite how this relates to NQT time I'm not sure. Though quite how 30 minutes can be usefully used for CPD is an interesting question.
    As for the MEd, you'll have to clarify this with your school, I think. If they're asking you to do it, then it's a bit unreasonable to have it use up your PPA but if it's your choice, then I'd have thought that'll be your PPA down the drain.
  7. Hmmm I think I must be missing something. I thought that as a result of workforce remodelling, NQTs are entitled to 20% non - contact time. I always thought that THAT was PPA, and any courses that are statutory due to you being an NQT were not supposed to come out of your non - contact time. NQTs at my school get a whole day per week PPA plus courses. If from time to time, a course falls on the day that an NQT would normally have PPA then that is too bad. But I guess it sounds like it's at the school's discretion but that doesn't seem right. I do know of schools that do allocate time in bits, such as 20 mins here when it's assembly, 30 mins there when it's Music. It's very unfair and impractical to allocate time in that way as you cannot get anything productive done in 20 mins.
  8. Sounds like they get a good deal. NQTs are entitled to 20% non-contact time but it's not 20% PPA. It's 10% PPA (the same as anyone else) and 10% NQT time which is specifically not meant to just be an extension of PPA. So courses, observing other teachers etc should come out of that 10% - in effect, half of your NQTs' day a week so if they regularly get a full day plus any time out for courses outside of that day, they're getting more than their entitlement.
    The way the time is allocated is at the school's discretion to an extent, in my case, for example, I get a regular afternoon PPA each week and then take courses etc when they occur to fulfil the NQT time which might mean a full day out of school one week and nothing the week after. But I'm pretty sure about the 30 minute block rule (particularly with PPA). I'm impressed that your school can afford to give your NQTs such a good deal, to be honest, I trust they don't grumble!!!
  9. At my school I get half a day PPA and half a day NQT time per week, it's give and take with the school though for example last week I was needed to take a class to a sports event during my NQT time so I did this but then the next week had a slightly longer NQT time. My LA is very clear about NQT time in relation to courses, it states that NQT time maybe used to allow NQT's to attend NQT courses however any courses such as the normal APP courses etc. are not to result in loss of NQT time as every teacher is required to partitipate in these for general CPD reasons.
  10. Really? Maybe I have it wrong, because we are a tiny school with NO MONEY, but we do seem to spend a lot on supply, and I think that's because SLT are very good about ensuring people get their entitled non - contact. I worked with an NQT last year and I'm sure she attended courses on top of 20% non-contact. Perhaps she didn't have PPA in the subsequent weeks or something. In reality, how many NQTs actually use their NQT time to observe other practitioners? Maybe in a 2 form entry (or more) school where you're likely to share planning then you can use NQT time for things like peer observations, but in my experience that time is spent doing marking, assessment and other kinds of paperwork.
  11. I think what everyone is forgetting is that it is 10% of teaching time. That is- playtimes, lunchtimes and assemblies do not count towards this. If you get a PM or AM PPA and then the same for NQT time per week you are actually getting more than your entitlement.
    We give NQTs half a day per fortnight as this seems to be the best way to tot up the hours.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Exactly the point I was going to make - NQT = 10%, then PPA 10% of remaining teaching time so does not equal 20% so if you are getting a full day equivalent, you are doing well. At my previous school where we had NQTs, courses = NQT time, not an extra. Mentor/tutor meetings during NQT time etc.

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