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NQT Advice

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by DanM1, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Anyone? Any general advice about surviving the NQT year?
  2. Make time for yourself - try not to take work home and if they ask you to do revision sessions in the holidays say no. The money is not worth giving up the time you will need for recouperation!
  3. You will be asked to help with every extra curricular activity going. Either be brave and 'just say no'or pick something easy early on, then you can say. "Oh, I'd love to help with that but I'm already helping with ......." etc. Good luck! Oh, and don't 'be nice' to the kids to begin with, they really expect you to be a teacher, not their best mate. You have five years to build a relationship with the kids, so don't try to force it. Good luck, try not to fall asleep driving to/from school. Don't plan things for the holidays. Don't eat all the biscuits at school - your teeth will fall out! Enjoy!

    (4 weeks until end of NQT year)
  4. englishteach101

    englishteach101 Occasional commenter

    under promise and over deliver. Don't say yes to everyone's request. I've found that there are a lot of people who ask for things that don't actually matter. The trick is to work out who's request matter more (sounds very cynical to say it like that, but that's the truth I'm afraid).
    Help out but definitely keep time for yourself and your personal life. Get involved socially if your school organises these sorts of things, but don't bust a gut going to everything. You have to have a life away from the school. Be careful of taking on extra responsibilities in your NQT year, I was made a Teacher in Charge of music back in October, and I've managed, but it's tough to balance everything.
    Ask for help if you need it. Take advantage of any extra training that is on offer through your school or LA. If you don't ask, you don't get as everyone else is busy. Make your data entry deadlines and if you're asked to do something in a meeting, ask for a copy of the minutes so you can see exactly what you've been committed to providing/doing.
    Good luck! I've made it to the last few weeks so it's definitely possible!
  5. Hello, I have just finished my PGCE and qualified in QTS. I am applying for my NQT at this moment. I am very nervous about starting my NQT as I have had a very bad placement during my PGCE and that really knocked my confidence and made me so depressed and ill. However, during my second placement I was able to re build my confidence again and passed with flying colors as the staff were very supportive, when I say supportive they were Brilliant, If I had made a mistake they wouldn't use it against me, however they would help me and ensure I wouldn't do it again which I think should happen in EVERY school, but some mentors are very cruel and just want you to FAIL and make you're life hell. My second placement was at an Independent school, but then again was similar to most other state schools, but I learnt so much in that school, even though resources were lacking. I have a specific learning condition called Dyspraxia, which does affect my ability at times however certain measures need to be taken into account, which my first placement did not do! I am hoping whether schools are very supportive to those teachers with disabilities, because I don't want to work in a school where I am being bullied and going though hell as I did before. Can some one please give me some advice as I am very scared about doing my NQT.
  6. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Try not to think of it in terms of ' survival ' and more of a challenge or great learning experience. Yes I suspect NQT time is tough but starting out in any new job can be daunting. By asking such an open ended question you may invite some ' negatives ' - put this into context , think before you act and act upon feedback. Enjoy !
  7. First advice - keep BANG on top of marking, do it every night, same with the assessments.

    Make friends, be friendly, DO sit in the staffroom even if just for 15 minutes. Else you'll never make friends or enjoy going to work. SIMPLE AS!

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