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NQT Advice needed

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by prettypinkmum, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. prettypinkmum

    prettypinkmum New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I started my NQT originally in September 2017, I mainly felt like everything was going well: I received good feedback from my mentor, other staff and parents up until half term. I had my sixth form class transferred from me just after half term and was told that it was because a returning teacher wanted the class. I was then timetabled into another year 10 class. Needless to say, alarm bells were ringing at this point. At practically the same time I also had a member of SLT in with me for my original year 10 class but was told that this was due to their behaviour. I again received lots of positive feedback, some pointers to try, but no actual constructive criticism about what, if anything, was wrong with my teaching.
    In mid-November I gave a year 8 student 2 reprimands on the register which culminated in SLT joining us for every lesson. I felt absolutely certain that something was wrong now yet kept getting told by my mentor and induction tutor that nothing was amiss. In the meantime I completed my first assessment, yet struggled to find highlights and evidence progress as I obviously knew that something was being judged as incorrect in my teaching. Finally, on 20th December the headteacher pulled me into his office halfway through one of my lessons to inform me that he was altering what the school would report regarding my initial assessment. He went on to criticise my subject knowledge, pedagogy, rapport with the students, everything really. My one comment back was to ask why if everything was so bad nothing had been said directly until then? Why was I left to submit an assessment feeling very strongly that I was doing something wrong, yet nothing was actually said. He then asked whether I felt their support system was adequate, which it very obviously wasn't and to instruct me that I would be on a bespoke programme to improve my teaching after the Christmas break. Interestingly enough the main feature of this programme was further observations. I stayed on over the Christmas break, I was devastated and really struggled to come to terms with it, so asked to leave my NQT year on our return to school 4th January. By the 8th January I was a TA at the school, delivering intervention to numerous groups of year 11 students but feeling like a failure.
    Anyway, I've found a job at an independent school and feel much better about my professional development now and have started to look at completing my NQT year. I've subsequently discovered that the previous head never sent my assessment on to the local authority therefore they've recorded that I left and would have to start the whole year again.
    My two questions are how do the school I'm now employed by go about registering for an NQT development course? And is there any recourse I have against the first school and headteacher? All I want from them is a signed assessment form and an apology for the way I was pressurised. As prior to leaving the school I checked my data (which was good to excellent) and I obviously have loads of good observation records.
    Many thanks for any and all advice.
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Congratulations on your new post. The old school was a nightmare. Independent schools do not have to offer an induction but if they choose to then they have to link with an Appropriate Body and provide the same induction structure as a mainstream school; mentor, timetable release ,lesson observation, progress reviews and professional development. They can do this through the independent schools council or via LA , National Induction Panel or Teaching Schools AB's.
    Consider whether it is worth chasing up the previous school for a term's assessment. You may be better off starting afresh and having a whole 3 terms of a "proper" induction. If you did chase the previous school the assessment will show not meeting standards which could influence your new school's perception of you. Why not let it go for the sake of one extra term?

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