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NQT additional time - advice needed!

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by kayleigh2201, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    Any help with this would be much appreciated.
    As an NQT you are entitled to 10% PPA and then a reduced timetable of 10%. I am starting as an NQT in september and i thought that i would be entitled to 2 afternoons or 1 day a week non contact time.
    However, my school says that i have my afternoon ppa and then a reduced tiemtable of what is left, therefore my nqt time works out to be about an hour a week. Is this correct?
    Any help on the matter would be brilliant, thank you.[​IMG]
  2. I'm just finishing my NQT year. As I understood it, NQTs are expected to teach 80% of the normal timetable - 10% reduction for PPA and 10% reduction for NQT time, as you rightly say.
    For me, that has meant 1 afternoon of PPA time and 1 morning of NQT time per week - meaning I have taught 4 days out of 5, or 80%.
    I'm pretty sure this is what the entitlement means, I'm sure James or someone more experienced will be able to confirm it. If it's right, though, I'd make sure the school understand it BEFORE September starts!
    Good luck with your NQT year: it's tough, but things really do get easier as you go along!

  3. Just finishing my NQT year and I have taught an 80% timetable (which is actually less than I ended up teaching at the end of my GTP year LOL when I only finished with the same PPA as a normal class teacher).
    This has been the same at both schools I worked at this year - although the first school said when I went on a school trip on my normal NQT/PPA time day that I couldn't have it back so having no PPA time that week was actually quite tough. My present school have always paid back any NQT time that has been missed or made sure we had some PPA time on shorter weeks (3 or 4 day weeks).
  4. Your PPA and NQT time are statutory entitlements. What the school is saying is sort of correct. So let's assume that you have a 25 hour possible teaching time in a week (that's actual lessons so five per day over 5 days).
    your PPA time would be 2.5 hours, leaving you with 22.5 hours possible teaching time. You then get a 10% reduction on that 22.5 hours so another 2.25 hours meaning that your total reduction percentage wise is 19% (100% less 10% = 90% less 10% =9% so 10+9 =19% overall.)
    Timewise it would be 4.75 hours.
    So I don't know how they calculated the remining as 1 hour unless, after PPA time you are only teaching 10 hours, in which case yes it would be 1 hour for NQT time.
    TRhe startying point would be based on the normal teaching tiometable of a teacher not on iduction and not given any time allowance for other duties.
    The actual regulations are found in the NQT statutory guidance which I urge you to read and if necessary you can point the school to the relevant passages about your allowance for NQT time.
    You can also check with your LA adviser that you have the correct allowance.
  5. Thank you very much all for the advice. My mentor sat down with the business manager of the school and they have both worked out my time allowance to be 2hours ppa and 2hours nqt, however the headteacher is still not convinced of this and still seems to think it is an hour.
    So i am now leaving it to my mentor to try and fight for the 2hrs now and hopefully she will be successful.
    Thank you again for your replies.

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