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NQT abroad

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by MissJJJ, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. rowenamdialino

    rowenamdialino New commenter

    I have now been teaching in Thailand for more then 10 years, and having worked in several different schools and also in management positions I've developed an understanding of how things work here. You probably can't do your induction year outside of the UK and as others have said you will not be able to work in the best schools (as they typically require at least 2 years prior experience), but also pointed out is the fact that getting a job in UK might not be so easy right now. Going abroad might be a better option. The schools which will be willing to hire an NQT are the smaller or less well established schools. They are not BAD, they just can't afford to pay huge salaries due to lower student numbers. They will still pay 65,000THB plus per month, and with lower living costs in Thailand that's a very good salary. They are also typically better resourced than many UK schools and at least here in Thailand the behaviour of children is much better than in the UK. While you wont have an official mentor, colleagues are likely to be supportive and give advice when needed. It is completely up to you, there are good and bad sides to both options. If you leave the UK for a few years, you can still do your induction year when you return, and the extra experience abroad (especially with EAL learners) will probably have been beneficial. Good luck, whatever you decide.
  2. Zeinab32

    Zeinab32 New commenter

    Hi, I have the same issue now. I want to come and work in Egypt but I will still have 6 weeks to finish my NQT year. Does your school still not offer mentoring?

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