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NQT-1 year contract

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by mkostika2, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I am offered a job as an NQT in a catholic state school on one year contract.
    When the head master called me to offer me the job said this is the school's policy for NQTs in order to see whether we are right for each other.
    My mates from uni suggested that I should check whether that's totally legal and that some unions wouldn't accept such a deal.
    Any thoughts on the matter?
  2. Clarerees

    Clarerees New commenter

    Think it's relatively common- certainly has happened in some of the schools I've worked at. Have to say though, that it does allow for the contract to not be renewed, which has happened in a couple of the cases I can think of.
  3. Your goal is to pass Induction. I'd say be grateful you have this opportunity. You now have a foot in the door.
  4. I'm just about to finish a similar contract, and am more than happy that the contract only lasted for 1 year - not the school for me. At least you get to complete induction.

    Also, bear in mind this - they are legally required to advertise the job for the following year, they can't just extend it if they want to, you can apply but someone else may be a stronger candidate. Make sure you start applying for other other positions come Jan/Feb.
  5. I don't think this is a legal requirement to advertise unless the job is for Deputy Head or higher. It also depends on the LA policy. I was offered an extention/renewal to my current temporary fixed term contract and my job wasn't advertised and I didn't have to reapply. I declined as I have got a job somewhere else and as someone else has said a temporary contract is a good way of gaining experience without getting too tied down and it gives you a get out clause if the school isn't right for you and vice versa.
    The goal at this stage is to complete you NQT induction and a temporary post will allow you to do this.
    Many schools are also issuing temporary contracts at the moment because of the difficult financial climate with funding and also some schools are experiencing fluctations in numbers, so permenant contracts are actually not a viable option for schools. It is common practice to take on NQTs on a temporary contract initially - and makes total sense tbh - certainly nothing fishy or illegal about it at all.
  6. Yes, BobbyC is correct, it doesn't have to be readvertised after one year.
  7. Hi well done you getting a job offer. Every job advertised in my 2 local authority areas are temp for 1 year, there are no permanent posts anywhere around here. Good luck and enjoy.
  8. I think that offering fixed term contracts is not good practice if the post is essentially meant to be permanent (open ended). Fixed term should only really be used for certain posts and should not be used as a means of determining suitability ofr a post (after all that's what interviews are for).
    Many local authorities do not agree with the issue of fixed term contracts for NQTs where the post otherwise would be permanent. If they choose not to renew your contract but employ someone else then they could be held liable for an unfair dismissal.
    The NUT guidance on this serves as a warning for Heads:
    " The non-renewal of a fixed-term contract is in law a dismissal for all employment protection purposes. Providing you have one year’s continuous employment, you have the right not to be unfairly dismissed and to make a complaint of unfair dismissal if your employer fails to renew your contract without giving you a fair reason."
    The employer's protection comes with the induction process. If you fail induction then you are liable for instant dismissal even if you have a permanent contract. Fixed term contracts for NQTs may confer an advantage to the NQT, in that if you like you can walk away from the job after one year with no compunction to take up a renewed contract and if it is late in the day then schools at the last minute will be a teacher down.

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