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NQF BTEC Business L3

Discussion in 'Vocational' started by FC33, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. FC33

    FC33 New commenter

    We are currently teaching QCF Business at level 3 but have to switch to a new qualification from September. We are looking at OCR Cambridge Technicals 2012 suite as they have no exam, but SMT are keen for us to move to NQF Btec. When we tried it at level 2 a few years ago it was not good and so our level 2 students now do the OCR technical at Level 2 and are getting along fine.
    Anyone teaching NQF Btec Business ? Any opinions are welcome.
  2. PoundStretcher

    PoundStretcher New commenter

    Do you teach in a school or a college as this will dictate what counts to performance and funding measures for the centre?

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