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NPQSL - is it the way up?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by PrincesitaAnna, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. PrincesitaAnna

    PrincesitaAnna New commenter

    I have been a Head of Department (academic), I am a House Mistress (Pastoral) in an independent school, and I want to make the next step to Deputy Head Pastoral. My head suggested NPQSL is the way to go. However I think he suggested it because it was the first thing that came to him having turned me down for an in school Senior appointment.
    Next, how do I ensure my project is relevant to both my school and my next one?
    Experience and reflections welcome. Thank you.
  2. TheBigPickle

    TheBigPickle New commenter

    I have started it and am finding it useful so far.
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  3. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Established commenter

    You don't need it but it's interesting from what I've been told.

    I know many DHTs/HTs who didn't go down this route and are very successful.
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  4. reg_mcledge

    reg_mcledge New commenter

    I completed the NPQML award and had a similar decision as to whether to go for the NPQSL award or to do a Master's. After speaking with my Principal, headteacher and other colleagues within education, I decided to take the Master's route which I am halfway through. In terms of learning, I have learnt much more on my Master's in Ed Leadership & Mgt than I did on my NPQML. 6 months after beginning the course I was also successful with an internal deputy head appointment.

    I guess both will have their merits and either way, the NPQSL will only help any future applications. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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  5. moontitan

    moontitan New commenter

    The best heads are the old timers, on their way out, who do nothing and staff pretty much left to get on with just teaching. I worked in one school which had a head teacher and 2 deputies as SLT, smallest I have known, it was a great school.
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  6. apapa

    apapa New commenter

    I did the NPQSL. Did my project on whole school mental wellbeing and found it a useful and interesting project that I was able to refer to in subsequent interviews and applications. It took two years after completing to get a DH job.
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  7. happymiss

    happymiss New commenter

    Hi, I’ve just started my NPQSL and have been thinking of how to do my project along similar lines. Would love to hear more about yours if you wouldn’t mind! Thank you in advance.
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  8. AlexiT

    AlexiT New commenter

    I missed the boat and didn't do either.

    I think the National Qualifications are quite useful to enable you to do the job, but it isn't a game changer / deal-breaker in terms of getting the job.

    Masters becomes more useful to have on your CV if you want to go deputy and then head.

    Get it done before having kids / getting the SLT role - you'll be flat-out then.
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  9. PrincesitaAnna

    PrincesitaAnna New commenter

    Hi and thanks for your reply. Well done!
    Can I ask how you measured your well-being improvement and what data you used? I would like to focus on this but am stuck on how to demonstrate it. Many thanks.
  10. PrincesitaAnna

    PrincesitaAnna New commenter

    Well rather late for getting it done before kids. Already done plenty of post graduate quals with three kids!! I get the message though. Thanks for the opinion.

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