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NPQML Project Ideas

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by jennawings, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. jennawings

    jennawings New commenter

    I am currently working as a Head of Year 9 and I am enrolled on the NPQML course. Does anyone out there have any ideas of projects that could be used for my final project assessment?
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  2. ls875

    ls875 New commenter

    Hi - I was just wondering what you finally decided to do for your project. I’m also Head of Year 9 and really unsure what to base my project on.

    I used to be a Head of Department so was going to focus my project on T&L but now want it to be more pastorally focused.
    Thanks in advance.
  3. jennawings

    jennawings New commenter


    This is a blurb from the action plan I wrote....

    Shows delivery of objectives, with the aim of developing the interest and the skill set of students in studying the STEM subjects whilst building on their knowledge and skill set of the STEM subjects and careers surrounding STEM.

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