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Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by smoo, May 26, 2016.

  1. smoo

    smoo New commenter

    Hello. I teach abroad and might have the opportunity to complete a NPQML/SL over here in January. I'm trying to decide which course would be more appropriate for my experience so far. I have been teaching for twelve years; a co-ordinator for Art/DT and Spanish for two years; a Leading Literacy Teacher; Year Leader in Years 3 and 6 for three years and next year will continue to be be responsible for a year group and for a core subject in UKS2.

    A colleague recently competed the NPQML and suggested that with my experience,I should apply for the Senior Leaders course. Has anyone got any insight as to which course might be more relevant for me at this stage?

    Many thanks
  2. madmother

    madmother New commenter

    It sounds to me like you should go for the NPQSL. You have lots of experience already leading subjects and discrete year groups. The senior leader course would benefit you in that it would provide training looking at whole school projects, strategies, and impacts.
    Good luck if you go for it!
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  3. jdkrc9901

    jdkrc9901 New commenter


    You are definitely ready for NPQSL but you need to discuss this with your Headteacher. They both require the same assessment but one is leading approve the in a department/a team and the other is whole school improvement. I advice you to find out from your Headteacher if there is a whole school Improvement project you can lead. Without HT backing and a project you won't be successful. Good luck

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