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Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by NJAEducation, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. NJAEducation

    NJAEducation New commenter

    I am in the process of writing up my school improvement task and I am tearing my hair out. Having deferred due to maternity leave I don't know anyone in my cohort. I have all the evidence, am slowly 'forcing' myself to write it up but could do with a partner in crime to bounce ideas off of or even just to scream in fraustration with... anybody else in the same situation? Thanks.
  2. jennygriffiths22

    jennygriffiths22 New commenter

    Hi I am in the same state - I deferred due to other work pressures and needing the time to actually get the project done, but after weeks trying to write it up I am really struggling to know what to include and what not to. Mine needs to be in on the 12th of March so entering panic stations,,,
  3. NJAEducation

    NJAEducation New commenter

    I'm also March 12 - I've finished it and emailed it to my mentor but no idea if it hits the mark or not!!! I am really not looking forward to the next one.
  4. NJAEducation

    NJAEducation New commenter

    Hi @jennygriffiths22 How are you getting on with the other two assignments? I am finding the placement one OK but just looked at the presentation prep and worried there is a distinct lack of advice/guidance about what evidence can be included!! Ahhhhhh!!!
  5. n8esc

    n8esc New commenter

    Hi, I have written up my placement school task and also got feedback on school improvement task - now I have done the latter it appears to make sense - the placement school task still felt like trawling through mud - no evidence to be submitted to support the work that I did makes it feel like it had no context and then no real meaning as it was setting up the start of something to support more effective teaching and learning and then not enough time to see if it improves outcomes. so no data!!!! Whilst that seemed bad writing up the evidence for task 3 now appears to be the worst.
    When looking through DFE guidance it is clear how I can show effective and efficient use but then can't see how to relate that to the titles that we have been given for the boxes of task 3 - is it me???
    Any advice happily received.
  6. NJAEducation

    NJAEducation New commenter

    I am tackling this tomorrow - I am finding it a nightmare though. I would really be interested in chatting about feedback etc etc if you are interested?
  7. NJAEducation

    NJAEducation New commenter

    I passed! Hurrah! Hope everybody else did too!
    Flanks likes this.
  8. jashan

    jashan New commenter


    I have handed in my drafts and recieved feedback. It mentions more reference to the course materials and toolkit and less narrative. I thought I had included quite a bit of reference. Any chance I could see your project or a snapshot to see what the required standard is. Both projects have been accepted as level 7 writing but still not sure what they are asking for. I would really appreciate this. Thanks.
  9. NJAEducation

    NJAEducation New commenter

    I am happy to share if you PM me but I think my tasks were a different cohort... not sure it would help as I think NPQH has changed significantly since then. What is the exact assignment that you are doing?
  10. mike1chambers

    mike1chambers New commenter

    I'm currently writing my task 2 - nightmare! What does your budget-led plan look like? Mine looks like this-unsure if it's correct.
  11. bloomy27

    bloomy27 New commenter

    What did everyone choose as their school improvement tasks?
    jotownsend likes this.
  12. clight3

    clight3 New commenter

    I am currently in the same predicament particularly struggling with task 2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I assume you would all have completed by now.
  13. yvonnebon

    yvonnebon New commenter

    Advice with task 2 would be great. I have looked at the criteria and am focussing on an area of pupil premium spend however I am struggling to think about how it would look written up. Does anyone have any examples?

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