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NPQH What do you actually have to do?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anon2799, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    I'm a head of a lead school for this. I know you have to do a project in another school ( I have 2 Npqh candidates at my school qt the moment) you need 5-20 days out of school for the project. It all happens in school time. If it's anything like the old Npqh it will be totally bloody useless ( although the experience in a different school might be handy ) and just a hoop to jump through to be a head. You need to be 18 months from headship.
    If you're headship material, chances are the course will teach you bog all except how to speak NCSL in order to pass.

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