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NPQH support

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cookmiller, May 16, 2017.

  1. cookmiller

    cookmiller New commenter

    Hi all. Was just wondering if there was anybody out there who could help me with my NPQH tasks. I've now completed all the modules thankfully and they have been really useful. I'm now onto the task of writing up my school improvement and school placement tasks which I have been undertaking since September and have made copious notes on. Trouble is I'm finding it really hard to condense into the form and evidence against the Headteacher standards (even though I am very familiar with the standards as I've been a Head of School for 3 years). I feel that I am beginning to doubt myself and that it is knocking my confidence. If anyone can offer any advice or email me examples of their completed submissions I'd be eternally grateful.
  2. vogden

    vogden New commenter

    I emailed the provider I am using and they sent some samples to me.
    However, they were all quite different and confused me a bit more!
  3. cookmiller

    cookmiller New commenter

    Ha ha thanks vogden never thought of the provider. I may try that but hope they don't confuse me lol
  4. abacus1982

    abacus1982 Established commenter

    May also be worth posting on the headteacher part of the forum as you may have people on there who've done the npqh who can help but may not check on here
    cookmiller likes this.

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