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NPQH Psychometric test

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by titus4t, May 26, 2012.

  1. titus4t

    titus4t New commenter

    Any one else done this yet? I've just done the practice questions and although I thought I was quite good at maths (I got a B at A level for heaven's sake) I couldn't finish the questions in the time and found the format quite difficult to manage on screen. Are you expected to get them all right?
  2. Yes I have and I'm finding the whole scrolling up and down a real pain. I also would like more examples, have searched for more online but haven't found anything suitable. Have you?
  3. Hurrah! I thought it was just me...
    I got sooooo cross when the "out of time" message popped up just as I was about to click on one of the little radio buttons.
    I love data analysis (sad, I know), but 45 seconds per question doesn't allow much thinking time, never mind calculating time, especially when they're sales/profit & loss questions rather than anything vaguely educational.
    Ah well, if we're all in the same boat...
  4. Awaiting my results from it too...glad to know that if I don't get onto the NPQH programme, there's always a career in sales or a season on the Apprentice with Lord Sugar awaiting me. Good Luck to anyone else taking their's, the timings are rapid. By the time you've read the information, then the question you're ready to click a button and......sorry run out of time to tell you the rest!
  5. hi
    how much weighting does the test have??? I sailed the verbal and flunked the number, bit worried Ive blown it?
  6. Hang on! I thought pschometric tests were supposed to test personality traits. According to a TES article (13 April), tests "show aspects of the candidate's personality - if they are extroverted or introverted, anxious, outgoing or empathetic. They also show if the person is a risk-taker." These were straight data analysis and reading comp questions - not what I was expecting at all!
  7. how do you think you did? I found the data a struggle????
  8. I agree with the rest of you. Found the timing very difficult- timed out on one question, and as for the data- one section on quarterly returns bore no resemblance to anything I've ever encountered in education.... I'm one of those who believe a SCHOOL leader needs different qualities from a corporation CEO. Don't think these tests were tailored to education in any shape or form. Really weird to get no feedback at all, too.... waiting for some kind of sign of success or failure.... On the bright side, sounds like we're all in exactly the same boat. And if you need to get every question right, i certainly haven't done that! Shall i get me coat?
  9. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    So - it seems that even after its revamp, the NPQH continues to be of no actual use or relevance to headship?
  10. I have just done this....it was awful and I'm really annoyed about the whole process !!!!!!
    The data wasn't presented well and had no reference to education data. If you are expected to get them all right then I will have failed !
  11. I sat this at the weekend, I did the practice questions and was ok on data and 100% on the English. This was the same on the examples questions on the test. However I too have had a complete disaster on the data test. The questions seemed a lot harder, trying to interpret two or more graphs, pieces of data. I never had time to work a calculator and timed out on two of the questions. If this is what is needed for headship then I am happier where I am. I was having doubts about the cost and relevance of the NPQH but the test seems to have made up my mind for me. I wonder how many of those who have previously gained NPQH would be able to do this data test? What a mess
  12. I have just sat this test after spending the last few nights practicing numerical reasoning!! A lot of good that did! The questions and timing were awful! I can't believe that I spent hours and hours writing the NPQH application form and then within a half hour test could feel so frustrated. I think you would have to be non human to do well on the test.... and I would love to see Michael Gove sit down and try it! Still, as somebody mentioned before, it is reassuring to find that lots of us feel the same! Good luck everyone!
  13. anyone heard yet about the tests?

  14. Hi
    I hope that I don't offend anyone by saying that I am pleased I am not the only person who found the actual 'Psychometric Tests' far harder than the examples we were given. I had an IT issue at first when the tests wouldn't run on my Apple Mac so borrowed an old laptop which when I started the tests had the wrong pixel setting but with the clock ticking I couldn't change it and then WHACK - those tests were seemingly much harder and the time allowed SO short!!
    Does anyone know how much sway they have on your application? If you don't do very well will it mean the end of the process?
  15. Thank gooodness it's not only me! I'm appalled at the whole disorganised process. From having to get childcare during first week of Easter holidays so I could complete the application in the tiny window of time we were "initially" given, to being told the deadline was being extended and then extended again, and now this non Psychometric test-where the layout was awful and the questions irrelevant. I'm truly fed up of the whole thing. Oh yes and of having got on the NPQH in 2006 but having to defer because of mat leave and then withdraw because it was changing and I couldn't defer, and then applying on the ill fated intake 13 last year and being emailed to say -you have passed all the eligibility criteria to go on to an assessment day but I'm afraid there are not enough places in Kent so tough luck you will have to apply again!!! Good luck to everyone-I reckon we will need it.
  16. stephaniem22

    stephaniem22 New commenter

    Hi all, in the same position as everyone here with regards the questions!!!!! Phoned up today to find out when we will know anymore as my head is abroad as of Saturday and was thinking about the phone interview she might have to do on the 6th, the day of the assessment day. I was told that I would only find out from the 6th by an assessor phoning to arrange a day when I am available. I am confused by this and did ask him to clarify that I wont hear either way before the 6th, still none the wiser!!!!!!!! Has anyone else phoned up?

    Good luck everyone!
  17. I agree with the last 2 posts. The whole things seems utterly disorganized. The dates and deadlines seem to be changing almost daily. I got 2 emails sent in error which were completely confusing, including one thanking me for registering and asking me to download the application form - and this was a full week after I'd recieved one saying my application had been received! I have phoned twice to clarify what's happening, and when I asked if I needed to keep my half term free, as assessments started from 6th April, they were unable to give me a straight answer!
    I wasn't sure whether to bother applying at all as NPQH is no longer mandatory. The whole thing is really making me wonder about the quality of experience this course is going to provide...
  18. I had the email yesterday from the National College asking me to download the application form even though I had already sent in my application by the 15th May, had an email to acknowledge it and did the joyful psychometric test?!!? It is all very confusing!! I have been reading that originally the test was going to assess our personality!
  19. Stumbled upon this thread by accident- am absolutely appalled that NCSL are treating professionals and the HTs of the future in such a disorganised, shambolic and disgusting manner. I'm not smug about doing NPQH before it changed, but very relieved. What a disgrace. I hope you all get a positive outcome from what can only be a frustrating and negative process. And a large apology is due!!!
  20. It is good to read that NCSL are keeping up their standards of utter chaos with NPQH. My deputy "graduated" two years ago after a shambolic experience of muddled forms, deadlines, etc, etc. 18 months after graduation she received an email to tell her that her school placement had been approved!! When are these incompetents going to be removed and the funding spent on something worthwhile?

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