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NPQH assessment days

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by twebs1, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. I have passed the application round and will be doing the two day assessment days in a few weeks. Does anybody know what to expect??? Any advice would be very welcome.
  2. I have passed the application round and will be doing the two day assessment days in a few weeks. Does anybody know what to expect??? Any advice would be very welcome.
  3. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    Me too! [​IMG]
  4. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    Have replied to your message...thanks [​IMG]
  5. Don't forget it is run by ex members of the Stasi who have all got out of teaching asap. It is humourless, unfriendly and off putting. If you can come through it and the rest of the nonsense which is NPQH you will have a piece of paper but you will only know about leading a school effectively by doing it - and reading Mike Kent every week in the TES.
  6. mattdechaine

    mattdechaine New commenter

    Am in the same position too! The AHT at my school said they were the two worst days of her life! Seemingly they give nothing away and both days are really long. Feel nervous already! Good luck!
  7. Hardly know where to start on this one! Totally humourless and unfriendly experience. Role play excruciating;written tasks conducted under exam conditions(memories of A levels & finals came flooding back),and all under the watchful eye of NPQH minions. I made notes in preparation for one task,which resembled emergent writing at best,and was asked by the aforementioned Oompah Lumpah to hand it over. There were no waste bins around,so I said I would eat it instead,but this was met by a stony face. Bet her school is a joy to work in. Waiting to be called into the before & after interviews was a bit like a scene from The Apprentice-no talking,no windows,definitely no laughs. It was at this stage I thought I'd rather be with the worst class I ever taught. If it is any consolation,I loathe role play,showing off,writing silly tasks against the clock and being patronised,and I got through. The 'real' job bears no relation to the two day assessment,or any part of the overblown,self indulgent and navel gazing that is the NPQH 'journey'(pass the sick bag....)
  8. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    omg!!! Why??? What is the point in that, you'd think they didn't trust us and our professional experience! [​IMG]
  9. Of course they don't trust you or your professional experience!! No wonder there is a lack of applicants for headship when good candidates have to go through this absurd and insulting process. It is time the gravy train of the NCSL and NPQH was stopped - Michael Gove has binned far more useful strategies than this. It is time he got his axe out!
  10. soooooooooooo funny to read the posts, especially as I recently went through the process myself. Just sell your soul to the devil for a few hours and comply with their silly games- then cut and run with NPQH in your hand, straight back into the real world.

  11. Hi - any further tips?? I am dreading mine - NCSL have locked my forms and no-one can access the questionnaire - aargh!
  12. Hello,
    I am going on Monday and am totally, completely and utterly dreading it. Any hints on what you really need to know before you get there? I hate role play, what did they get you to do?
    How many watch you at any one time? What tasks do you do on day two?
    Thanks-am just feeling rather stressed!
  13. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    Tattenhall, I will send you a private message.
  14. Can you send me the same message please Moira - I have mine in 3 weeks and feel exactly the same as poor Tattenhall! Eeeeeeek!!!
  15. Me too please Moira - I have mine this time next week and feel the same! I think it's the unknown that is so terrifying! Hope you got on o.k. Tattenhall! Thank you.
  16. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    You both have messages!
  17. cazbeline

    cazbeline New commenter

    Get plenty of sleep before hand, it is a long 2 days, but I didn't find the assessors as bad as all that!
    There are interesting situations to deal with, and the 8 that I was with became firm friends - we all passed and some have now graduated.
    I have also read Mike Kent's book -Tales from the Head's room, and hope he will continue to share his wit and wisdom as he is due to retire soon.
    NPQH is not going to hurt you, the paperwork is now done (for a bit!) so be yourself and take on board what is being said.
    The NPQH is thought provoking, especially the online courses. That being said it will not make you ready to be a head. Only you can do that.
    Good luck!
  18. This is a really sound piece of advice! Thank you.
    My two-day assessment is next week and I'm already tearing my hair out...!

  19. feeling your pain... mine is 13th and 14th July... the day after the Y11 prom and as I am on duty, an early night is not on the cards.
    Looking forward to it in a wierd sort of way but a little apprehensive...

  20. feeling your pain.. Mine is 13/14th July - day after our Y11 Prom and since SLT are on duty, an early night will be out of the question...will definitely need the summer break!!

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