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NPQH Application form advice

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by kt29, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. I'd be extremely grateful for a copy of anybody's NPQH application to compare against mine, to see really whether I've enough experience and on the right track etc.
    Thank you
    My email is ktstanley@hotmail.com
  2. Hi Tracey. Thank you very much for your help.
    If anyone else could send me a copy of their NPQH aplication i would be very grateful.
  3. Hi,
    i am after a look at a completed NPQH application too before I finally submit. Can anyone help please?

  4. Could I see a completed form too please - just to compare it to mine before I submit it? Thanks
  5. Having completed the NPQH I would be happy to give anyone advice. Contact me through my website www.teachingpets.co.uk
  6. I'm really struggling with my npqh application and time is quickly running out for me. If anyone can offer advice or let me see an example of a completed form I would be extremely grateful. My email address is walkerm@sjp.tlfe.org
    Many thanks
  7. I've just spent 6 hours on the thing today alone and I've managed to get most sections done apart from Managing the org, shaping the future and securing accountability.

    My brain hurts and the only section that is taxing me is the "wanting to be a headteacher" section. It is really hard not to sound like an arrogant git....

    If anyone wants to share bits of their forms for ideas I'll gladly set the ball rolling:
  8. If anyone would like to send me their NPQH application I will post it on my website for others to view - http://www.teachingpets.co.uk

    Contact details can be found on the site
  9. NPQH application time and I need to look at an example of an application to check i'm not making a a real */"* up of it ! so if anyone can help please send me a copy !pretty please !
    thanks for reading this anyway.
    email it to me at
  10. Help!!!! Can anyone let me have a look at their NPQH application form too??!! i would be MORE than extremely grateful!

    Thanks in anticipation


  11. Another desperate NPQH applier not getting anywhere on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon! If anyone could give me a look at their completed form I would be most grateful! Thanks
  12. You are all on the wrong thread!

  13. Hello
    Did you ever manage to look at an example of NPQH application form - did you complete it? I am currently applying for NPQH and I am writing my application form. I would be really grateful if I could see yours to compare it. Thank you help is needed. carnott79@googlemail.com

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