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NPQH 2019 Assignment 2

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by thascales, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. thascales

    thascales New commenter

    HI there
    I am currently working my way through the NPQH and although I am happy with the first assignment and what I need to do, I am thoroughly confused by what I have to do in terms of the second assignment.
    *Research the placement school's current and/or projected resource and capability challenges and design an action plan to address these*

    To be honest, the assignment hasn't been explained terribly clearly and there are several other people in the same position as me. I know how to assemble an action plan but we haven't had any explanation of what constitutes a "resource or capability challenge".
    Has anyone done the NPQH recently and willing to share their understanding of the second assignment or even better, share their assignment itself so I can see what it is meant to look like. I have the mark scheme but not really any explanation of what I am meant to be doing.
  2. FerrisB

    FerrisB New commenter

    I did NPQH in 2000 so im well out of date with expectations . But in oldskool english I think you have to

    1- work out the key areas your school needs to improve - Key priority areas
    2 - say how you are going to improve them - Action plan

    is it that simple ?

    Good luck
  3. thascales

    thascales New commenter

    Unfortunately, no, it isn't. That's the focus of the firsts assignment which I am doing in my own school and am perfectly happy with.
    The terms "resource and capability challenge" are the stumbling blocks as I don't understand what they mean, other than schools having less money to do the job with! Thanks for the reply though. :)
  4. merelda00

    merelda00 New commenter

    My project focused on training TAs to deliver phonics and supporting writing groups. This school was outstanding and had at least two TAs in every class but they were not used effectively (sticking in etc) as they lacked confidence and skills. So possibly a resource/capability challenge?
  5. thascales

    thascales New commenter

    Ah that’s very helpful to know. Have you had it marked yet?
  6. NJAEducation

    NJAEducation New commenter

    I’m afraid I also completed a different version of NPQH but I would say that ‘resource’ could be anything from equipment/rooming to staffing. Capability could be anything that they are not capable/able to achieve. So where are they not doing as well as they would like to (single focus) and what action plan would you put in place to rectify that?
  7. lwildig88

    lwildig88 New commenter

    Hi, did you find an answer to this? I am currently in the same situation and have been searching endlessly for clarity.

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