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Now the first Yr10 results are out which Exam Board do you recommend/not recommend?

Discussion in 'Science' started by jereni, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. jereni

    jereni New commenter

    OCR for us too and our results were better than expected. We used the specimen as a mock and our students found it tough, so my predicted results were very cautious.
  2. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    We did AQA and results were better than expected................much better than expected!
  3. We did EdExcel and the results were shocking...
    Many students missing targets by 2 grades. Value added down on average by 1 grade per pupil...
  4. alessio

    alessio Administrator

    Did you move to Edexel from another board, or have the exams and grade boundaries changed dramatically? It must have been really upsetting! Have they given an explanation?
  5. We teach the Edexcel specification. Our students sat the Biology paper and were down by 2 target grades too. Other schools in the area, who teach Edexcel, also had similar results.
    No explanation from Edexcel who have remained tight lipped.
    Nationally only 2% of students who sat the Biology Foundation paper in Nov 2011 were awarded a C grade.
  6. mm38

    mm38 New commenter

    Of those people who did OCR and were pleased with results how did your %A*/A compare with students on the old spec?
  7. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Edexcel are B0LL0CK$!!!!!

    We switched to them from AQA, but that is not the reason for our disappointing results...the November assessment was just managed poorly. As has been said, most kids were two grades down on their predictions...this is backed up by national data from Edexcel's own Results Plus service. I have met with the local Edexcel/Pearson representative today and taken out my stresses on her...admittedly this is not her fault, but she does represent them.

    We will now seriously consider switching to AQA or OCR when we move to terminal exams.

  8. TeacherBiology

    TeacherBiology New commenter

    We were OCR Gateway. Out of 110 students sitting higher all achieved C or above, with lots of A*/A however out of he foundation students we only got 15 C's or above out of 75. It gives about 67% however always in the past we have obtained 80% + so was very down on where I was expecting.

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