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Now been told that I am at the standard of a student teacher!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by welshwizard, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Observation of lessons should be based upon the core professional standards and if so satisfactory means you are meeting the standards. Extensions are not granted by the school but the LA usually following their observations of you. On the plus extensions are only granted if there is the likelihood of meeting the standards. Involve your LA named person and seek advice from your Union
  2. This is similar to what my induction tutor has said! I've done fine in all my observations, satisfactory all the way through, yet it's not good enough because of what he thinks is happening when I'm not being watched...
    I hate when schools decide that 'satisfactory' means 'not good enough', which is clearly the complete opposite of its actual meaning.
    Make sure they tell you exactly which standards it is you are not meeting and how you can improve to meet the standards.
    GOod luck.

  3. There is a lot of information missing here but if you are on an extension then technically the school has said in term there that you have failed and the LA is granting the extension, unless the school has been told that it has not conducted the induction properly (i.e. the correct meetings, observations support etc.) and so induction has been extended.
    The school does not have the power to extend induction and it should be formally noted and you should have been informed by the LA is this the case?
    If you have not talked to your union please do so - from what you describe induction is not being carried out correctly in your school. Also the LA should be involved and there should be a support plan in place with targets etc. for you to meet band extra training if necessary.
    If your induction has not/is not being conducted properly then it may jeopardise your final term and passing induction so it is vital that this is sorted out and done correctly. You should be assessed at the core standard level and if the school is using the QTS standards used for trainees then they are not using the correct set of standards.
    Contact your union and talk to them about your position and talk to the LA NQT adviser to ensure that everything is being conducted correctly.
  4. hi, my head doesnt even do the observations against the standards she does them against her own thing!

    its ridiculous to be honest, especially as today we had a meeting to look at the childrens levels and they have made major steps in progress in their numeracy and amazing progress in their reading! Writing is still bit dodgy but its a group of boys that bring the levels down, but they will be fine once I get their interest into writing which is my own personal target now :)

    Surely the fact that the children have improved soo much when I have been teaching them for less than 3 months, means I must be doing something right?!
  5. Yes
    You clearly are doing things 'right'. Keep a portfolio of evidence like this and matrch it against the core standards. Aty least then if the Head decides to disagree you can provide actual 'evidence' against her personal opinion.
  6. I've told the Smt exactly what I expect of them. Namely that the targets should be positively worded constructive and specific. Worked too. Be bold. Outline what you expect of them. If they don't do it go to your union.

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