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Now be honest, how difficult would you find a tes-less life?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by kibosh, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Ditto. My home and work life are in suspended animation, some weird kind of limbo. The knock on effect of this is that the inspiration/motivation for my usual hobbies/interests has vamoosed. I've replaced them with TES. But like CK said, I've been tes-less and without the internet for various reasons and have not missed it.
  2. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    I often take a break - hoping in vain that something original is posted now and again to bring me back.
  3. Maybe you should endeavour to post something original yourself, Shifter.

    *mildly irked*
  4. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Fair point - I'll go away and think about it - I may be some time.
  5. Nothing's original, anyway.
  6. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    is that a maths joke?
  7. I'll re-phrase my comment to,
    Nothing's original these days, anyway.

  8. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I have been internetless and therefore TES-less for some weeks....with a few days break inbetween.
    Personal circumstances mean that the internet is my contact with much of the world. (I'm sometimes housebound and I don't use the phone - don't actually have a landline at the moment.)
    While I was away it felt strange. I missed catching up on what the cookery forum were eating for dinner each day. Thankfully my internetless time slipped in nicely between The Apprentice and Dancing on Ice - where else can I go for a gossip on these important TV shows....or to moan about how rubbish and fixed the X-Factor is? Things got so desperate I even missed Oldie! (*offers a quick peck on the cheek and a glimpse of the elusive basque, so he knows I missed him!*)

    Could I cope without TES? Of course I could. But I'm glad I don't have to!

  9. I wouldn't use it as much if I ddn;t have a laptop. When I was working from home and teaching I spent ages in the bedroom we had the big computer in so had it constantly in the background. Now i park the laptop on the worktop when I'm cooking dinner, or have it on my lap whilst Mr L is watching sport on telly, so it looks as if I am keeping him company.
    If there were anything decent on the TV or any books i desperately wanted to read I'd be on here a lot less.
  10. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    I wouldn't go into meltdown but I do enjoy popping onto a couple of forums and catching up with people - like Beth, I love popping onto Cookery - swapping recipes, exchanging ideas and finding out what people are eating
  11. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    It's just a cosy little habit for me - a quick browse with a cuppa once or twice a day depending on work. Not usually many interesting threads but enough to pass 30 mins or so. Have been on here so long I feel quite attached to some posters and there are a few i have met in real life. Every now and then i consider actually starting a thread but then I realise that, no, it really isn't very fascinating to a bunch of realtive strangers so I don't. It can be very informative on occasion.
  12. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Same as Lily really.
    I use the jobs and resources sections far more than I use the boards. The trolling, nastiness, bitchiness and boring threads put me off a bit but htere is still some fun stuff, and I have made some fab friends in RL from 'meeting' on these boards.
  13. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    When TES was having problems a few years ago and was not available, with no message to alert us to the site fault issue, I became quite paranoid and thought that Mr Jubilee had used his more advanced IT skills to block me from accessing the site!
    I check emails first and then TES, followed by some News sites.
    Even if I end up leaving teaching this year I think that I'll still use TES regularly as I feel that I have useful information to give to NQTs and unemployed teachers about the 16 month supply rule and JSA eligibility.
  14. I can go for days and weeks without posting.
    Then sometimes I will post 5 nights in a row.
  15. Oh and like Beth and Egyptgirl - tis the Cookery forum I miss if I am not around.
    Tis always the first forum I visit when I log in and sometimes I just log straight out after I have read and posted there [​IMG]
  16. I am well and truly addicted!
    Getting a laptop was the worst thing I could possibly do as I can now veg out on the sofa with TES in the background at all times, whereas in the past it was upstairs in the study all alone.
  17. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I check my hotlist first and then go to Opinion, NQT, Supply Teachers, Pay & Conditions, Personal (in that order) and sometimes I then check out MFL and Behaviour.
  18. ah, I have a desktop at home so no temptation to have it running if I am doing something else (although sometimes I will leave it running and potter around - but since they changed it all so that you have to relog in every 30 minutes I can often not be bothered).

  19. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Same here.

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