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Novopay/Statements of Service for New Zealand

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by daisy1603, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. daisy1603

    daisy1603 Occasional commenter

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of registering to teach in NZ and trying to get all the paperwork needed at different stages sorted now.

    Just wondering if people sorted the statements of service needed for Novopay before/after starting work and if so, do they need to be hand signed by the head teacher or is electronically signed ok? I don't want to tell my previous schools that via email is fine then have to ask them to post a copy!

    Also, do the certified documents for registering to teach need to be colour copies? I know they do for Novopay but all my others are currently black and white!

    On a different note, anyone got any tips/advice/general knowledge on applying/registering and teaching in NZ? I've had a look through past threads but any other info much appreciated :)
  2. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Statements of service- this would be a letter from the Principal/ Head teacher of the schools you have worked in syaing how many years service you have? I thought it was a School Support thing, not a Novopay thing (but I did it ten/ eleven years ago, so it may have changed). I got paper copies with hard signatures from the relevant places. I started on the first step of the payscale, then got it all checked out and then went up several steps on the scale all at once and got back pay dated to when I started teaching in NZ. Which was nice. I'd sort out paper copies before you start, and have them ready to go. When you actually start in a NZ school, your payroll/ accounts/ office person should be able to tell you who to send them to.

    I can't answer the question about colour/ not colour p'copies. I did all mine in colour though. i don't know it if makes a difference. Sorry.

    As for the tips/ advice thing. Yes. Lots. Mansplaining central. If you have any specific questions, I'm (and others) happy to help. One thing I would say straight off is send paper copies of application forms for jobs rather than just e'copies, try and ring and speak to someone about the job before applying and don't apply for jobs that are 'regraded' or have 'incumbent applying'.
  3. --Badger--

    --Badger-- Occasional commenter

    Use the Education Gazette to help find a job. Now is the time all the jobs will be appearing, as people put in their resignations and Principals start looking for new teachers for next year.

  4. daisy1603

    daisy1603 Occasional commenter

    Thanks both, I’m registered with Education Personnel - can I apply direct to schools without going through them?
    I have my CV sorted NZ style and could direct schools to my application with Ed Personnel but haven’t got my teacher registration yet (just waiting on last bits of paperwork).
  5. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    There's nothing to stop you applying directly to schools I wouldn't have thought, but read your contract with the agency carefully.
    daisy1603 likes this.
  6. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Out of interest, what do you teach and are you tied to a specific part of NZ?
  7. daisy1603

    daisy1603 Occasional commenter

    I’m PE but with science and humanities teaching experience. Not tied to a particular place in NZ, just anywhere that will get me out there!
  8. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    As Badger suggested, the Education Gazette should be your first port of call. If you have experience of a variety of subjects it might make you quite attractive to an area school. Where most staff wear many different hats. There's a lot of PE teachers about and competition for 'pure' PE jobs can be quite fierce (as far as I know..) and you will also be expected to teach 'Health'- which if you have taught PSHE (or whatever it is called these days...) should be familiar. One thing you could do is have a look at the NZQA website and get an idea of what senior classes will be doing. There's also a video explaining NCEA somewhere as well which would help as the system is a bit tricky to wrap your head around.
    daisy1603 likes this.
  9. mas_o_menos

    mas_o_menos New commenter

    I am just starting the process myself and definitely remember reading that they require colour copies!
  10. daisy1603

    daisy1603 Occasional commenter

    Oh I hope not for the registration with the teaching council!! Mine are all black and white!
    I have done them in colour for the Novopay though so fingers crossed they are ok.

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