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Novels for KS2 and KS3

Discussion in 'English' started by How We Laughed, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Still can't see where Maud said 'our' or 'your'.


    I wouldn't say that Carrie's War was a secondary school text anymore. Definitely not Y8

    This is why I think this thread might be useful if ppl keep contributing.

    Some books that USED to be the 'domain' of KS3 need to be moved to KS2 in my opinion. Kids demand more and need more demanding texts for their age.
  2. We're also moving texts from KS4 to KS5 - Lord of the Flies, Our Day Out and Animal Farm have all moved KS. Texts that used to be A level texts are finding their way onto GCSE specs as well. (But of course, exams are getting easier......grrr)
  3. I guess some texts fit the particular objectives in a year group that need to be taught better than others!
  4. we struggle with our feeders (one has been known to teach Of Mice and Men to year 5!!!)

    Year 7: Private Peaceful and Ruby in the Smoke
    Year 8: Holes, Kit's Wilderness and City of the Beast with high apptitude
    Year 9: Short stories and Touching the Void and Woman in Black with High apptitude.

    Limited in choices at GCSE, but we do Of Mice and Men with them (which they of course read when they were 10) and Mocking Bird. I did teach I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings last year, which they loved.

    It does bug me that we do not have a better dialogue with primary. We uses to teach Kensuke's Kingdom as a transistion between year 6 and 7, but some of teh schools are now using our SoW with their year 4s!
  5. Year 7: Tuck Everlasting, Fireweed, I Am David, Boy, Beowulf, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Tyke Tiler (as a play), The Wind Singer, Goodnight Mister Tom
    Year 8: Badger on the Barge (short stories), Anne Frank (as a play), Playing Beatie Bow, The Kite-Rider, The Bridge over Terabithia, Twelfth Night
    Year 9: Moses Beech, Of Mice and Men, The Crucible, Macbeth, Kes, A Town Like Alice, The Throwaways
    (a few different ones there for you to mull over) :)
  6. Mrs FL

    Your list was really interesting. There's very few modern texts on there.
  7. Glad you find my list interesting. I'd have said there was a fair mixture of modern/old texts really
  8. diamond_raindrops

    diamond_raindrops New commenter

    year 7: Buddy, Witches
    Year 8: Holes, Boy
    Year 9: Slone Cold
  9. Y7 Private Peaceful; Holes; The Naming of William Rutherford; Charlotte Sometimes; The Ogre Downstairs; The Thief; A Midsummernight's Dream; play version of The Demon Headmaster

    Y8 Henry Sugar and other stories; A Christmas Carol; Tears of the Salamander; Twelfth Night; The Monkey's Paw & The Rocking Horse Winners (both short stories); Charmed Life; Three Singles to Adventure; A Pack of Lies

    Y9 Pirates!; To Kill a Mockingbird; Catcher in the Rye; Flambards (but not recently); After the Last Death;The Withered Arm (short story); Philip Pullman's play adaptation of Frankenstein; Macbeth; once, and once only(!) Kafka's Metamorphosis. There were special circumstances, but it was a mistake.
  10. Carnhot

    Do you know, we were just talking about whether to do Metamorphosis! Not a wise move then?
  11. year 5 - boy, harry potter

    year 6 - goodnight mr tom, why the whales came

    year 7 - pig heart boy, jonny and the dead

    year 8 - holes, skellig

    (I work in a middle school)
  12. It was interesting, How We Laughed, and they liked the concept, but got bogged down in the later stages of the narrative. It depends on how bright yours are. I think I was too ambitious re. the group I tried it with.
  13. Ooops, forgot Theresa Breslin's 'Whispers in the Graveyard' which we've got as a Year 8 text
  14. 'I am the Cheese' by Robert Cormier is a good novel for top sets (Year 8 or 9).
  15. Pugwash

    Pugwash New commenter

    Where does 'The Butterfly Lion' fit in to the KS2/3 novels?
  16. Pugwash - when I've read about it, it seems to be connected to Year 6.
  17. EmmaBB, I don't suppose you have a sow for Ghost Behind the Wall that you would not mind sharing with me?


    I feel like all I'm doing here on this site is leaving my email address on all threads for people's sows.

    Don't suppose you can tell it's my 1st yr of teaching ;0)

  18. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    Yr 7 - Red Sky in the Morning, Skellig, Danny Champion of the world, The ghost of Thomas Kempe, software super slug

    Year 8 - Carries War, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Holes, The silver sword

    Year 9 -Refugee boy, Noughts and crosses, millions, Unique (fab book about genetic engineering), stone cold, two weeks with the queen
  19. rfharris

    rfharris New commenter

    Year 7: Wind Singer, Street Child, Silver Sword, Point Blanc, Kiss The Dust, Midsummer Night's Dream

    Year 8: Holes, Private Peaceful, Animal Farm, Boy, My Story - Voyage of the great Titanic, Goodnight Mr Tom, Merchant of Venice

    Year 9: Stone Cold, Roll of Thunder, Face, Lord of the Flies
  20. Here are some books we read in Y 6 Kensuke's Kingdom, I was a Rat, Cool (also by Michael Morpurgo) the Suitcase Kid, Clockwork, Superfudge

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