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Novelist's corner

Discussion in 'Book club' started by In_You_Go_Jones, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hey! This thread is absolutely terrific!
  2. Simply marvellous!

    'It's slow Saturday in mid-December. **** looks out through the darkening conservatory and snow clouds blanket Hillingdon. Snow falling like petals from the whitethorns of spring; snow drifting in oblique sheets over the Grand Union Canal at Uxbridge where sometimes on early summer morning jogs **** used to see the former boxer and now painter, the late Kevin Finnegan, at work at his easel. Snow. Everywhere. Snowing in finely granulated powder, in damp spongy flakes, in thin, feathery plumes, snowing from a leaden sky steadily, snowing fiercely, shaken out of grey-black clouds in white flocculent dustings, or dropping in long low lines, like white spears gliding down from the silent heavens. But always silently!'
  3. For my money this has been the best thread ever to appear on the TES website.
  4. And so say all of us!
  5. I second that!
  6. One can only be humble in front of this!
  7. [​IMG]THE MAN WHO THOUGHT HE HEARD JENNY LIND SING will be the novel to do for Uxbridge what James Joyce's Ulysses did for fin-de-siecle Dublin.

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