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Novel suggestions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by taitalison, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. I would be very grateful for some help please. I am currently teaching Yr 7 & 8 (Secondary) English who are working at Level 2/3 and need to find some appropriate fiction texts for us to study. My problem is knowing what is good that probably won't have already been looked at at Primary.
    Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. It might be worth contacting the feeder schools to discuss the texts that they studied in Year 6. It probably wouldn't matter what they read before Y6 as they won't have studied them in the depth that is used in secondary.
  3. What about some Anthony Browne e.g. Voices/ Zoo/ Into the Forest / The Tunnel or possibly The HIghwayman(Noyes). I have used the latter with mixed ability Year 5 and those working at lower level have made great contributions to activities and writing.
  4. ecawemma

    ecawemma New commenter

    There is a booklist of suggested texts on www.emmarogers.org.uk/reading-for-purpose-and-pleasure/ which you can download and search books recommended by classteachers.
  5. Hi Emma, can't seem to access the link?


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