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Notts Trent PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by ProfDred, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Anyone heard anything back yet either way?!?
  2. ......Primary?
  3. Hi - is Trent your first choice? I am waiting to hear from them but they are my second choice. Thats really bad if you are still waiting and they are your first choice!
  4. Yeah Trent is my firsrt choice, had interview last Tuesday and they said Tues/Weds/Thurs were last interview days and we should hear by end of this week, which by my calculation is tomorrow. I dont get what's taking so long as they have had their numbers through and have interviewed everyone, the wait is killing me!
    And as it's my first choice I think it's almost guarenteed that my other choices will be filled by the time i get a no to my first, if indeed i do, thinking positively though!!
  5. Yes good luck and I hope it is good news for you after all this time. Can't believe you have had to wait this long for your first choice to make a move.
  6. Hi,

    I had my interview for NTU for Primary PGCE on Dec 1st and had a decision through today of an unconditional offer but I have declined it. Fingers crossed you hear from them soon, they must know numbers if they are sending out offers.

    Ham x
  7. ProfDred,

    when did you have interview morn or afternoon? I also had interview tues in the morning.
    I am still waiting too!
    I know people that were interviewed on the 12 of jan found out yesterday so we could find out today!
    Some ( student room forum) got sick of waiting and phoned Dee ( course admin). She will tell you over the phone if she has the results but she didn't have mine yesterday!

    good luck let us know when you get them!
  8. I was in the morning also
    I'm going to phone Dee at break time, never have a minute otherwise, though she has never answered the phone when i have rang before, just voicemail
    I must be hitting refresh 100 times an hour on my email and going through every emotion wondering whether i'm in or not and whether the interview went well or not
    Guess we'll find out soon!
  9. She had loads of calls yesterday as the whole forum called, lol
    I know me too. At least we haven't had to wait from december like some.
    What is your second choice?
    Mine is secondary English at Trent so that will prob take forever as well ! Don't fancy having
    another interview.
    I wish that the GTTR would send your application to all of your choices!
    I didn't realise until after I submitted my application !

    Let us know because i may just have to ring again if you find out.
  10. managed to get through to her but it was no help, she said to still wait as she had no more news yet, i dont understand how people can have already been told they are on the course yet we're told they still dont know, surely they know by now?!

    My Second choice is Primary with the SCITT at Nottingham, though im guessing they will be full by the time they decide to let me know

    So frustrating!!
  11. Another week gone by, still no news...anyone else heard anything yet??
  12. Ok so apparently I am now on a 'holding' list awaiting the suspected increase in numbers for the course

    Reserve...Substitute...anyone else been told the same thing??

    I'm not sure how many people are on such a list....

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