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Nottingham Uni

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by xrachxx, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Has anyone heard about offers from Nottingham University yet? I have had a letter saying I have been sucessful at interview but have heard nothing about an actual offer yet!
  2. Hi
    I went for my interview last Thursday (secondary maths) and yesterday had an email from GTTR, so logged on and found I had a conditional offer (must pass CRB and health checks)

  3. Hi congratulations!! You didn't have long to wait then if your interview was last Thursday! I have a conditional offer too for secondary history. I got the email the day after I posted. I'm so excited September can't come quick enough!!
  4. Thanks, congratulations to you too, they told me history was very competitive.
    I only received the email inviting me for interview the Thursday before. I still can't believe how quickly it's all come together, It's all been a bit of a blur! Counting down the days until I can hand me notice in... = )
  5. I'm counting down the days too I can't wait to get started! What kind of things are you doing to prepare? :)
  6. I'm reading a couple of books on maths teaching that were recommended to me. I was also advised to make sure my subject knowledge was up to scratch, at least up to the Core modules at A'level. You? = )
  7. I'm pretty much doing the same just concentrating on my subject knowledge and trying to spend some time in schools observing.

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