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Nottingham Uni GTP anyone?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by hannahvone, May 3, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone out there on the GTP course at Nottingham uni?
  2. Just wondering if anyone out there on the GTP course at Nottingham uni?
  3. Hi,
    I am!
    My subject is English, how about you?
  4. Hi, I'm science got my school interview tomorrow and I'm rally quite scared!
  5. Hi,
    sorry only just checked messages, how did your school interview go?
  6. Hi, my interview was quite scary but they offered me a place so I'm really pleased to finally know what I'll be doing in September!
  7. Well done! Looks like we both did really well then!
    Let me know if you hear anything from Notts uni, looks like I'll be seeing you in September!
    Im really looking forward to it,
    Ruby xx
  8. Hey everybody!!

    I got successful at the interview with Nottingham Uni in April to do a French GTP for september 2007. I am now waiting for the interview with the school they sent my application to. It has been two weeks now since the university sent my application to the school and i still have not heard anything from the school. Do you know if it usually takes a long time before getting the interview with the school? Im a bit scared because i have to be back to france at the beginning of june. And If i fail at the interview with the school, does it mean that i can't do my GTP with nottingham uni or will they send my application form to another school??
    Thanks for your answers.
    And hope to see you in september at nottingham uni!!!
  9. Hi Marie,
    I heard from the school about 3 weeks after my gtp interview with Notts uni so dont panic. They told me that the school could reject you if they feel you're not right for them but this is very rare. If it does happen they try and find you a different school.
    Let me know how you get on,
    Good Luck, hopefully see you in September!
  10. Bibmary - we are in Loughborough and are offering a GTP placement. If you get on the course let me know, won't you, if you fancy it? flossyfloofatyahoo.co.uk.
    All the best
  11. hi gorgybaby

    Well apparantly the school i was supposed to go to in lincoln cant give me a gtp placement due to staffing changes. So im a bit disappointed. Nottingham Uni told me that they were gonna let me know as soon as possible about any other schools but if you could tell me more about your school that would be nice. Are you a partnership school? i mean with nottingham uni? And are you offering a french gtp placement in your school? Let me know as soon as possible.
    Thanks a lot.
  12. Hi Bibmary, are you still there? Sorry, I haven't looked at this thread for a while. If you send me an email on flossyfloof@yahoo.co.uk, I will tell you all!
    But briefly, we are an 11-14 school, very successful, in Loughborough. We are a dept very young/young in outlook (the last bit's me!!). We are known as a centre of excellence for PGCE in the main, but have had a very successful GTP student as well. Kids are good, and we are all lovely!
    Hope to hear from you soon.
  13. Sounds too good to be true! lol!
  14. How very dare you - it's all true!! Especially the bit about moi!
  15. Hi All

    I had an interview for Uni of Nott. on Monday and I'm still awaiting the outcome, which is the worst part!

    Has anyone else heard who had an interview here?

  16. Hi Darryl,

    Have you heard anything yet? Did you get on? Hope so.
    What did your interview entail? I have an interview next Tuesday....I am sooooooo nervous. Don't know what to expect.
    Is there anyone else that can enlighten me on the interview process?


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