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Nottingham Trent Primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by jennyjuniper, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Yeah mine was updated with a 'stop' too and not heard anything else since :-( I think all the other unis have been giving out and declining offers since December so I hope my second choice isn't full!
  2. Hi, my interview was in the morning too, I probably saw you there! Really hope they let us know soon cos I'm not very confident I got on and want to have a chance at my second choice before they fill up! I've no idea if they have a deadline, I think its just whenever they have decided n thats why they've put a 'stop' on the GTTR so they can have more time. Have you heard anything else?
  3. nina_t101

    nina_t101 New commenter

    At interview they said it would be mid to late January, so might email/phone them to see when they have an idea as all other uni's are filling up fast! Anyone who had a more recent interview given a timeframe for a response?
  4. nina_t101

    nina_t101 New commenter

    I got offered a place today! Really pleased. Anyone else heard? Would be nice to know a few people before September!
  5. me too!! I got an unconditional offer which I immediately accepted! So delighted!!!!!
  6. nina_t101

    nina_t101 New commenter

    Congrats! I can't wait for September now. I really wasn't expecting to hear today, was really shocked!
  7. hi, thanks! I heard through GTTR yesterday. Good luck!! I hope you hear soon
  8. Well done for getting through and onto the PGCE at Trent! I had my interview on 14th December and havent heard as yet but I've been offered a conditional place on the GTP at Trent, depending on the amount of funded places they get, so fingers crossed one fo them will work out!
  9. fab! Congratulations! I "think" Ive sent you a message on fb, add me if I did send it to the right person!
  10. Okiedokie!
  11. Okiedokie! I think that you have sent it to the wrong person so I will add you!! :)
  12. Wahoo, i heard on Friday that i've got an unconditional offer for the PGCE too! [​IMG]
  13. congrats! feel free to add me on fb, Im Jennifer Wass [​IMG]

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