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Notification after interview

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by ggsh, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. ggsh

    ggsh New commenter

    Is it usual practice now for heads to just notify the successful candidate after interview and ignore some/all of the other candidates who attended the interview?
  2. Not in my experience. Until today. Went for a first round lesson observation today and was told I would be contacted tonight regarding interviews tomorrow and I've heard nothing. Not even a thanks but sorry call/email. Rude.
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Very rude.
    And actually unusual.
    Mostly they ring the first choice, then if s/he accepts, they ring the others. Sometimes they write to the others, and recently we have had 2 examples of schools e-mailing unsuccessful candidates. I think that is rude too.
    If, however, 1st choice asks for a day or two to think it over, and they are not in a rush to get it settled, they may allow this. In this case they won't tell the other applicants until they get a definite answer from choice 1. This is to allow a Plan B - offering to choice 2.
    So sometimes if you haven't heard, it could be because you are still in with a chance.
    Let's hope so, because nail-biting evenings are not fun.
    Best wishes.
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  4. ggsh

    ggsh New commenter

    Thank you - I greatly appreciated acknowledgements...
    It's my gut feeling that I've been unsuccessful - trying to be realistic I think interview could've gone better. Having not had interview experience for about 9 years....! Lots of buzzers going off in the background... and the interviewees writing and then not writing... Needless to say I did not manage distractions well and I felt myself 'unravelling'!
    I'm sorry to hear about experience - Boperella, that sounds awful, unprofessional and bad practice.
    Theo - thanks! Actually given nail biting a miss and hitting the red wine!
    Sad thing is - I really liked the school and felt my skills would've fitted in so well with the school's needs.
    Thanks again [​IMG]
  5. I so identify with this! I too am waiting for the call from an interview I had yesterday!

  6. I just wish that when you are unsuccessful, after all the prep that goes into a letter of application and interview day they would offer you feedback.
  7. ggsh

    ggsh New commenter

    Mystery solved! When I got into school this morning there was a note in reception to me from one of our cleaners. The cleaner had taken a call at 6.10pm yesterday evening from the head of the school I was interviewed at. The head asked could I ring her, and told the cleaner she would try me at home! She didn't ring my home, or my mobile although the phone numbers were clearly on my letter of application <u>and</u> my application form. I assumed I didn't have the job, as if I had been the 'one she wanted' she would have telephoned me on all the telephone numbers! My silver lining is that I have another interview (different place obviously!) in 2 weeks...
    Good Luck rhl - hope you have the better outcome!
  8. Hi ggsh,

    I didn't get mine either... but got some really good feedback about how they thought I had a lovely manner with the kids etc. would have been their second choice. I know second it as good as nothing, but left me feeling better than just thanks but no thanks!

    Good luck with your next one!


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