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not returning after maternity leave?!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by bluecharmer, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. bluecharmer

    bluecharmer New commenter

    I was in a position where I wanted to leave my current job, but wouldnt be able to until the end of the school year, howeverI have recently found out that i am pregnant.
    I cant now look for new jobs, because no employer in their right mind will take someone on and then have them go off on maternity leave almost straight away. So I will stay in my current job up until i am due to go on maternity leave, but I am worried about my maternity leave entitlement if I dont intend to return to the job. Does anybody know what, if anything, i would be entitled to? Also, should i tell my employer that I dont intend to return to work? Will that change my maternity entitlement?
    Please help!!
  2. congrats :)
    you're entitled to the 6 weeks at 90% pay and then SMP at £124.88 a week for another 33 weeks.
    if you are not returning you are not entitled to the 12 weeks at 50% pay and if you take the money then leave you have to pay it back, so it's probably best to tell them not to give you that in the first place if you really don't intend to return.
    however, you get to keep the 12 weeks at 50% if you work for 13 weeks after maternity leave and before leaving the school, and the 6 weeks school holiday count so you'd really only have to work a half term to keep the 12 weeks at 50% and get the 6 weeks summer hols paid at full pay.
  3. Spiderkin is correct. Bluecharmer, can you bear to do one half term before or after summer holidays (depending on when you're due) so you can do your 13 weeks?? It's not worth the stress if you're not up for it though, but the finance is a definite perk, although what will you do with your LO for the half term?
    My sis-in-law didn't return to school and is absolutely happy, but did struggle financially, however, the benefits of being full time mummy was much more of a priority for her and they managed. You leave to your means x
  4. Spiderkin is correct.
    Bluecharmer can you bear to work the half term before or after the summer hols (depending when you're due) just so you can complete the 13 weeks? It's not worth the stress though if you're not up for it and also you need to think about what you would do with LO during work time.
    My sis-in-law didn't return to school after mat leave and was very happy. She did struggle financially though, but the benefit and joy of being full time mummy far outweighed the finances, and they managed to muddle through. You live to your means.
  5. Oh...sorry posted twice as my original post didn't seem to umm post!

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