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Not informing current Head of interview.

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by notreallycutoutforthis, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. notreallycutoutforthis

    notreallycutoutforthis New commenter

    I have been at my current school for eight years and have generally been very happy there. I am a classroom teacher and KS co-ordinator.
    I applied last week for a HoD position in another school and I was offered a first round interview for this coming Monday.

    The interview was scheduled for 4pm so I had plenty of time to get there after the school day was finished. For this reason, I have not informed my current school of the interview because they do not call for references unless you go through to the second round, so I was intending to inform my head at that point. This was on the advice of my current HoD who reasoned that if I don't get another interview the Head will never know that I'm looking elsewhere (I'm not, actually. it's just that this particular position is very exciting) and so I'll avoid him feeling that I am dissatisfied at work, and if I do go through, I would inform the school as normal.
    However, I received a phone call from the prospective school on Friday afternoon asking me if I could be interviewed at 2pm instead. Now this is no problem in terms of teaching (I am free all afternoon) but obviously it will mean leaving to go for an interview during school time. I am sure that the Head will be unimpressed if I tell him on the day that I'm leaving early to go for an interview.
    Things are complicated further by the fact that I have a doctor's appointment on Monday at 1pm which I informed the school of on Friday. It had been my intention to go to the appointment then make my way to the interview (possibly returning to school in between if I had time, but I wasn't sure as waiting times can be long.)
    I also received an email on Friday afternoon informing me that if I go through to the second round of interviews, they will take place the following day (on Tuesday).
    If I do get through to the second round, I'm going to have to tell my head (probably by email, but if he's still in school I will go back there and see him personally) that I need the next day off for a second round interview, when he had no idea I had been for a first round interview. Now it's going to look as though I planned to go to this interview during school time claiming that I was at a doctor's appointment.
    I really don't know how to manage this situation. It was never my intention to be deceitful at all, but it is going to look as though I did.
    Would you please advise me on the best course of action? Thank you.

  2. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    In future, tell your Head in advance. Safer recruitment guidelines strongly suggest that references be sought before any interview in most cases. I know this is of no help now but it avoids these kind of messes. I would NOT suggest going to the interview on pretence of your doctor's appointment.

  3. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    If they're interviewing the next day for the second round, they are very likely to ring for references on Monday, meaning your head will find out you've been economical with the truth about being out on Monday afternoon (because if you've time to go to an appointment at 1pm and still get to the interview at 2pm, you should really go back to school).
    To be frank, what I've described above is gross misconduct. A head who discovered a member of staff had done this might well tell the other school they couldn't offer a reference other than to say 'Teacher X has worked here since....as..... S/he misled me about her/his reasons from being absent from school to attend the first interview at your school and as such committed an act of gross misconduct.'
  4. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Muppet. You've dug yourself a hole. Indeed no one should be going to doctors appointments in school time... there are plenty of surgeries that run appointments in evenings and after school hours.
  5. notreallycutoutforthis

    notreallycutoutforthis New commenter

    Thank you for your responses, I am grateful for the advice.
    I have made an appointment with my Head for first thing tomorrow and will explain exactly what has happened (without involving my HoD as she advised informally and in good faith.)
    He is a very nice man and we have always had a good working relationship. I can only hope that he understands that I had no intention to be underhand.
    This is the only job I have ever applied for in the eight years I have been at the school and so (not excusing myself) unsure of the correct protocol, and I also lost my mum last month so have been a bit all over the place and not thinking things through as clearly as I should have.
    I took the only appointment available at short notice with my doctor (naturally I have cancelled it now). I made it during a time I wouldn't be teaching. My school is generally very understanding about this.
    Thank you again.


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