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Not heard back after interview?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by supplyteacher007, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. supplyteacher007

    supplyteacher007 New commenter

    I went for an interview yesterday and was told I’d hear back the next day in the late afternoon (today) as they had 3 more applicants to interview. The head said she would call me either way. I have been waiting all afternoon and it’s almost 6.30pm and I am fed up. Shall I keep waiting or do you think they will call on Monday? This will be my 5th teaching interview after qualifying almost a year ago and I am feeling hopeless!
  2. shamandalie

    shamandalie New commenter

    Have you heard back?
  3. agathamorse

    agathamorse Occasional commenter

    If you haven't heard anything by the end of tomorrow, you haven't got it. Not all schools let people know.
    Happygopolitely likes this.
  4. supplyteacher007

    supplyteacher007 New commenter

    Nothing as of yet!
  5. supplyteacher007

    supplyteacher007 New commenter

    But the head said to me as I was leaving that she would phone everyone either way?

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