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not happy with the way my union is handling a case-what can i do?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by young teacher, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. without going in to too many details, my union rep is dealing with an issue for me in school. firstly he was supposed to intitially ring school to make the first contact and he never rang when he said he was going to, after instructing me to warn the head first....so i felt very silly as the head thought i was makig empty threats.
    then he rang the school today, i had already leeft the building and was warned by my hod that the union had rung and the head wants to talk to me about it tomo morn. i immediately rang the union rep, he wasnt in, his wife told me to call back after 7, i then rang frequently from 7, only to finally get through to his wife again at 10pm to be told he was out for the night.
    i explained my issue, that i needed to speak to the rep urgently before speaking to the head tomo, so i know what is going on, she took the message. i told her to tell him to call later tonight if he wished, to leave a message on my mob at anytime, just to fill me in with whats been said, so i am up to date with it all. i also told her to tell him to call me anytime tomo if thats better, before i get to work.
    shoudl the rep have not called me immediately after speaking to the head?at least leave a voicemail to inform me of the latest developments? am i expecting too much? i pay for this service and feel i am being let down, i am very stressed out wtih it all and the lack of communication is adding to this horrendous feeling. i dont like causing a fuss, it took a lot for me to stand up and call the union to get involved. what should i do? i dont want to complain to the union about the rep untill the case is over as i dont want to get his back up, i need someone to do their best for me....but at the same time, i feel he isnt.
    thanks in advance for any replies
  2. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Each of the three main unions has a complaints procedure.If you are not happy with the service you have received ,then please complain to the person,who is in charge on the union rep,you wish to make a complaint about.
  3. It is totally unreasonable for you to be ringing a rep. at home out of hours and expecting an immediate reply.

    If the issue is a serious one then you don't have to attend a meeting until a rep. is available.

    You shouldn't be complaining to the union about the rep. with an issue such as this, you are wasting their time. If you are unhappy with your rep. please join another union or volunteer to stand against a rep. yourself, or if the issue is serious ask an area rep. to help.

    The school rep. is unpaid, works hard for little or no thanks and is not providing a "service", they are there to help resolve issues. If you are unhappy with this read above. I'm a union rep. by the way and if you were one of my members I would ask you not to ring me at home and if you're unhappy with that then join another union.
  4. Incidentally having read your post about PPA time and going home (I presume these two posts are connected) then I believe if you were told you could go home then state that and you will be fine. If they haven't got this defined anywhere and the head as you stated "didn't say yes or no" then he hasn't got a leg to stand on to be honest.

    As I said in my other post, you don't have to attend a meeting with the head until the school / area rep. is available and I would advise this.

    If you're unhappy with the outcome, unfairly treated, warned etc. then get straight on to an area rep. as the head is being totally over the top with such a very minor indiscretion. The union would get the head to retract any problems you will have easily.

    I can see why you are upset with the head, but I think you're shifting your anger to the rep. and this isn't really reasonable.
  5. the issue my rep is involved with, is diff to the ppa/going home issue. my rep only gives out a home phone number so how else am i supposed to contact him? i would ring him during office hours but he isnt home. how am i supposed to face school when he has had a conversation with my head and doesnt relay that info back to me??? things happen day to day in a school and so i always believed a rep was there to support and help you. a colleague who had the same issue in the school, her rep dealt with it all asap, he rang her back whenever she rang him and left a message,they also had an office number. i have been going days and days with no response from my rep. i think its unprofessional and unsupportive, i pay all these fees and when i finally need my union, nothing muhc is happening.i should not be left to deal with the issues in school now that the union are involved, my rep should be doing most of the communicating surely???i feel very let down and disheartened, but dont want to raise all my issues mid case, but may have to if he doesnt start being more proactive and efficient
  6. As a rep and caseworker I can assure you it's only full-time officials who are paid. The rest of us volunteer and there is often far more casework to do than time to do it.

    You can always get immediate assistance from your regional centre during day time hours. Contact numbers are clearly displayed on web sites. Your union diary should have numbers of head office, regional office, local secretary and regional exec members. Have you contacted reps of other unions? I assist colleagues from other unions from time to time and so do my opposite numbers. Sounds like you need to be proactive? I'm not unsympathetic to the lack of response but reps are part of a wider network, so not sole point of contact. If you PM me I can give you some immediate advice to tide you over and direct you to other contacts.
  7. i am not against the fact that people give up their time, its a great thing they do, but ultimately i pay union fees to help me in such circumstances. i have been pro active, have spoken to my head, but he is sneaky and will play on the fact he knows i get flustered and stressed in such situations. i need union support so the head will not take the p. i dont need immediate advice at the mo, i need my rep to be more available to so i can inform him on any updates, basically be more available, be it through email or phone. but i appreciate the offer thanks, but dont really think you can help at this point
  8. You didn't seem to read my advice. Simple, join another union if you are unhappy or as stated above perhaps ring a regional office. I wouldn't bother complaining, you'll be wasting your time.
  9. Having just read your post about another member in the school and their rep. The solution is blindingly obvious, transfer union if you are happier, just don't waste time complaining

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