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not happy with the way my union are dealing with a case-what can i do?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by young teacher, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. without going in to too many details, my union rep is dealing with an issue for me in school. firstly he was supposed to intitially ring school to make the first contact and he never rang when he said he was going to, after instructing me to warn the head first....so i felt very silly as the head thought i was makig empty threats.
    then he rang the school today, i had already leeft the building and was warned by my hod that the union had rung and the head wants to talk to me about it tomo morn. i immediately rang the union rep, he wasnt in, his wife told me to call back after 7, i then rang frequently from 7, only to finally get through to his wife again at 10pm to be told he was out for the night.
    i explained my issue, that i needed to speak to the rep urgently before speaking to the head tomo, so i know what is going on, she took the message. i told her to tell him to call later tonight if he wished, to leave a message on my mob at anytime, just to fill me in with whats been said, so i am up to date with it all. i also told her to tell him to call me anytime tomo if thats better, before i get to work.
    shoudl the rep have not called me immediately after speaking to the head?at least leave a voicemail to inform me of the latest developments? am i expecting too much? i pay for this service and feel i am being let down, i am very stressed out wtih it all and the lack of communication is adding to this horrendous feeling. i dont like causing a fuss, it took a lot for me to stand up and call the union to get involved. what should i do? i dont want to complain to the union about the rep untill the case is over as i dont want to get his back up, i need someone to do their best for me....but at the same time, i feel he isnt.
    thanks in advance for any replies
  2. weeeb

    weeeb New commenter

    Hi there - I'm afraid that I don't really know whether officially your rep should have called you - but it would seem like fairly common decency to do so. I just saw your message and could imagine that you must be feeling really stressed by all of this so wanted to just send you a hi and to say that that's not too much to be expected at all.
    If it's any help, I had a bit of an issue a while back and was told to call my rep. When I did finally get hold of him, he basically said that his getting involved wouldn't be necessary because it was pretty trivial stuff - if your rep hasn't got back to you urgently, perhaps that means that he thinks everything is going to be ok?
    sorry - I know that's not particularly helpful, but try to stay as positive as you can. Even if you have to speak to the head without getting further info first I'm sure you'll be able to handle things well.
    good luck
  3. thank you so much for your reply. my rep does agree i have a case and it needs to be sorted out, he just seems to be v poor at communicating, i always have to ring and chase him up, its alsmot as if he doesnt really seem bothered about it all. he knows how concerned i am about raaising this issue with the school, and i woud have thought he would have been very professional about it all, ie communicating and giving me a quick call everytime he spoke to the head...am just getting v frustrated that he is adding to what is already a v stressful situation. if he would have called me tonight, my mind would have been put at ease so i am not going into school tomorrow not knwoing what has been said. want to complain to the higher powers of the union, but dont want to upset or anger the rep just yet. when and if i do finally speak to him , will politely ask if he would be able to call me and leave a message to upfdate me after any converrsations he has with the head
  4. weeeb

    weeeb New commenter

    I do agree about the communicating - but I'm not sure that I would stay off tomorrow in your case. If I did that, it would just drive me insane wondering about what was going on! My advice would be to go and face things head on - if things are really bad, then that can't make them any worse.

  5. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Tell the rep how you feel and if this doesn't help then ring head office and say that as your rep is so busy that you'd like to be allocated a different one. I hope you manage to go in as staying off could make it worse. My head never forgave me for talking to my union, so hope it works out.
  6. wasnt going to stay off, sorry if it came across that way, will face the head, but will just hear what he has to say. then if i dont hear from rep by say lunchtime, will call regional centre to complain. have already called them once when i didnt hear from him for a few days, i rang to express my concern that i couldnt contact him.

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