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Not got the job...again!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by lizzii_2008, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. lizzii_2008

    lizzii_2008 New commenter

    I had my 6th interview today and failed to secure the post yet again! I received positive feedback for my interview and presentation except for one question regarding 'accelerated learning' but I've never been made familar with this term so wasn't exactly sure what they were after.
    The feedback focused upon my lesson I was told that as the children were a few weeks away from being in Year 4 that the lesson was not challenging enough. I had laid out word problem cards around the classroom for the children to solve and there was a mixture of one and two step problems that involved any of the four operations and a mixture of both. However, the feedback I got was that the children weren't challenged ennough and it was too 'easy' for them when in fact the children I spent time with were actually struggling. I noticed the observers looked at one word problem card so obviously never got the whole view of them.
    I feel this is so enough, and just been a real blow as I felt so positive about this interview. I feel so ashamed that I've had 6 interviews and failed to secure a post for september =(
    I've got 2 more lined up, one in a private school what can I do to stand out for that job?
    Sorry, just needed to rant!!!!
  2. Only 6 interviews? You certainly have nothing to feel ashamed of! I know you don't want to hear it, but you must be doing something right to get them in the first place so well done [​IMG] I have applied for many jobs this year (using all of the best tips from the forum) and have had two interviews for secondary posts.
    The only reason I'm posting stuff on here at goodness-only-knows-what-time in the morning is that I can't sleep because I'm so worried about what I'll be doing (or not doing) in September. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Take heart and accept that it is really tough to find a teaching post at the moment and it is unfair but it's not your fault!. And you have two more interviews lined up which is fab - Good luck.
    PS. when you find out how to stand out will you please let me know [​IMG]
  3. I got a job recently but only because I applied for management posts. Classroom teacher posts all went to students.
  4. I agree with eggiegwin. Well done. I would say though, from what you have written to differentiate more in the lesson to challenge every pupil.
  5. Sometimes you have to remember the feedback they give you isn't that helpful. Sometimes it is just about whose face fits better for the job and who will fit better with their school - personally I would find it better if they said that but unfortunately some schools hide behind reasons that leave applicants a tad bemused because they know they did differentiate.
    If it is any consolation, I went for one interview where my lesson fell apart because none of 2 minute stimulus videos (in 4 different formats) would work on the school's system. They brought in 3 laptops and the software just wouldn't work - video playing software was just not installed???!!!! I changed what I was going to do using a book from the shelf and it actually worked well b ut the feedback I got was that I was 'not prepared enough'. I had done my flipchart in Activprimary (which they use) and Powerpoint - the Activprimary one wouldn't open on their system either (yet everything opened on the system at my present school and on both my home machines). They had asked for 'excellent skills in ICT incoporated into daily lessons' on their person spec, but their ICT wasn't up to it and yet the feedback blamed me!!!!
    I also got the impression I didn't fit at their school. They interviewed 9 on my day (and 9 more the next day). The 5 they kept were 3 blokes (so they obviously wanted a bloke) and the two women were coiffed to within an inch of their lives and suited and booted with high heels??!!! (those of us that we asked to leave were smart but not wearing the traditional suit/shirt options).
    Also the observations were not a level playing field. I was observed for 10 mins out of the hour by one person. One of the blokes was observed twice for two half hours by two different people. Hardly a level playing field.
    I think you have to be philisophical (hard when you desperately want a job and are getting to the point where any job is better than no job) that if it is right for you it will all click together, otherwise your confidence will just nose dive and you will start to question and second guess yourself.
  6. 'Snap! I've had 6 interviews as well and yes I'm also starting to feel ashamed, and it's crushing my confidence, which then led to under-performance at my latest interview. I've stopped telling my friends about interviews, I don't think people outside teaching realise quite how hard it is to get there and then how hard it is to be offered the job. I have had excellent feedback (as well as mixed), and will try to focus on the positives. Hope you can do that too, and good luck, it's amazing to have 2 interviews at this time of year!

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