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Not good value

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by bobvincent, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. What were the worst value meals you've ever eaten out?
    I recently had a poor experience at a "gastro-pub" in Yorkshire on Mother's Day. Portions were minuscule, with the roast beef small enough to hide
    beneath a Yorkshire pud, and as for the" tarte tatin", "fritter
    containing one slice of apple " would be too generous a
    description. Another diner's dessert, three melon balls of ice cream, was insipidly tasteless like frozen sweetened milk. My lamb shank was permeated by an unpleasant burnt cabbage
    taste of the savoy lurking in the dollop of bubble and squeak that came
    with it . Even vegetables came in miserly portions, with ONE broccoli
    floret per portion. I left hungry after
    paying £130+ for six people, three of whom did not eat desserts.

    I don't mind small portions if the food is top-notch, but this wasn't - just pretentious, mediocre stuff planned by some invisible bean-counter who goes elsewhere for better value.
  2. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    There was a 'meal' ...I hesitate to use the term actually! - I once had back in Crudsville....it was at a well known fried chicken establishment....I had been invited by the family I occasionally babysat for,...it was a favourite with the two boys.... I started feeling rough that afternoon....and was at the GP the following morning! I saw the practice nurse who looked me over, took a few notes and then said ' can I make a guess at what you had to eat yesterday'...it turned out that I wasn't the first person to present the same symptoms that morning...and the nurse told me that the surgery had no choice - they would have to submit a formal notice to the environmental health officer. ......So a free meal - but not terrific value!...
    I was taken out for a 'posh' meal some years ago. It was the sort of place where my menu came without prices. The waiter rattled off the 'specials' and I went for a starter off the menu - potted garlic prawns and home-made bread...followed by one of the specials for my main...venison with sour cherries and port.... (strange how I can remember the menu for meals I had years ago!....a month or so ago I sat with Mum and looked at photos of her birthday we celebrated years ago in a restaurant...as I looked at the photo of people at our table I was able to state what each person had chosen for each of the three courses!)....the waiter then apologised and said the venison was no longer available! - well why go through the description then!....I settled for a steak, and asked for it 'very rare'...the prawns were dire! they looked like those little frozen shrimpy things and were covered by a congealed mess of very garlicky butter, ...when the steak arrived it was not 'very rare...not 'rare'...it was not even 'medium'...we skipped dessert but asked for coffee - and I actually wanted to laugh when I saw them arrive...mine was black - with an after-dinner mint nestled next to it all melting and gooey!...but my companion had asked for cream and it came with a veritable cone of aerosol cream piped on top!...I excused myself and went to the ladies...when I came back my companion was waiting with my coat....so I missed whatever he had said when presented with the bill!

  3. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    Worst meal I've eaten out has got to be a few years back in the run up to Christmas at Heathcote's in Leeds. The steak, although cooked medium rare as requested, was so tough it was inedible.

    The only time I've ever had to send a meal back to the kitchen, chef's comment once he'd tasted it was unrepeatable! Wouldn't like to have been the butcher the day after.

    They gave us drinks, coffee and pudding on the house. But I've not been back since.
  4. primarycat

    primarycat Star commenter

    Tends to have been at places we have stopped when driving - random places so random quality! I recall a burger on the way to Liverpool that when pressed squirted fat in a stream down on to the plate and a spectacularly bad Tex Mex place somewhere between Jo'burg and Cape Town that was like Bates Motel with this dreadful restaurant attached. I equate paying any money at all for bad food with bad value.
  5. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Things I remember, yellow old broccoli at The Grand Hotel in Blackpool, the Carvery at Scratchwood services, tough meat,roasties that were bullets inside the outer crispy layer. 1 type of gravy (instant) for 4 different meats. overcooked veg.
    Breakfast, needed very early as had to be at hospital, no coffee available but saw the staff drinking coffee!

  6. When I go out to eat I want tasty food and to feel like I have eaten. I can't abide tiny portions so anywhere where the portions are tiny I would consider poor value.
    We went for a meal a while back at a really good restaurant smallish portions but delicious and I got carried away in a bar before hand on buy one get one free cocktails. I still don't remember much of the meal so I suppose that was poor value but of my own doing. [​IMG]
  7. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    It's probably worth remembering that value is entirely subjective so what I would consider good value would differ entirely from someone else.
    About 3 times a year we treat ourselves to an expensive meal at a high-end place. The portions are often a little smaller in these places, but the food can be exquisite and is a meal is often often balanced so you leave feeling satiated and happy, but not bursting and uncomfortable. I consider this very good value if the food, setting, service and ambience are spot on.
    My father in law though, values portion size over everything else - a couple of years ago we took D's parents out to a very posh hotel on the edge of the forest for a lunch. The place is very posh (you get the odd royal there), the food excellent and at £25 for a set lunch, superb value for money. There was a supplement charge for steak, £10, which my F-i-L took. His face, when he registered the steak was about 6oz in weight, said it all! The steak was apparently delicious, but he couldn't take his mind off the fact that he could have got a bigger steak for less than the supplement if he'd gone to a Wetherspoons! The fact that the steak in the Wetherspoons would have been shit was irrelevant to him!
    This is an interesting point though - cheap meals can be poor value if the food is ****. We went on holiday to Crete a couple of years ago and ate some great food. One night though, we were suckered in by a restaurant owner offering a 3 course meal with booze for 11 Euros. Needless to say, it was dreadful. Watery, limp Greek salad, followed by offensively bad souvlaki, then a poor dessert, all with cheap Ouzo, cheaper wine (the red was chilled - always a bad sign!) and even cheaper raki.
    Because the food was so bad, it was poor value, even at 22 Euros for the two of us. Compare that to a meal we ate the previous night - stunning seafood and lamb with excellent wine in a small open air restaurant at the top of a mountain, watching the sun set over the sea. We paid a premium for the view, I'm sure, but at around 100 Euros it was about 5 times more expensive than the meal the next night, but infinitely better value!

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