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Not entitled to any financial support...??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by indoubt74, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Thank you for all your replies, thank you
    beelliezebubfor the link, it is very useful! I understand the overall rule about having had to be living in the UK for three years prior to the cours, but I have found in two different places that it says this...
    "Students who are settled in the UK may also be eligible if they have exercised a right of residence in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland before returning to the UK to study"
    "If you have settled status in the UK and you do not meet the three year ordinary residence requirement in this country, but you or a relevant family member have exercised a right of free movement within the EEA before returning to the UK and have been living in the EEA for the three years prior to the first day of the first academic year of the course"
    I do have settled status as I am married to a British cirizen and have no inmigration restrictions...
    There is an email address for the EU team so I might email them to enquire..
    Thank you again
    beelliezebub for that link! [​IMG]
    Do you not think that it looks like I might be eligible...? I have exercised a right of free movement within the EEA as I have been living & working in Spain... I would not be able to do the PGCE without a student loan etc...the 6,000 pound bursary is not quite enough..not when it needs to cover, living expenses, childcare & travel!
  2. It's worth emailing them and asking I think, looks like you might be entitled. There should be a phone number somewhere too I'm sure, could be easier that way!

    To be honest, my student loan is going to be less than £6000 for the year and I'm not entitled to a bursary anymore. It's going to be hard but it is possible. You've got your husband and his wages too, so it isn't like all the childcare and living costs will come down to you financially I'm sure.
  3. HI there,
    Yes, I did find a telephone number and I phoned them yesterday, in fact, I phoned them three times!
    The <u>first time</u> I was told that being married to a British Citizen is not enough and that only if I had been born in the UK, had then gone to Spain, and was now returning, would I be entitled to funding in a year&acute;s time. Otherwise I can just go back and sit & wait for three years and then I would have been there for three years prior to the course starting & I would then be entitled to full funding.
    The <u>second time </u>I phoned I was told tha the only way for me to be entitled would be if I was to apply for "settled status" with the Home Office, but that I would STILL have to wait the three years.
    The <u>third</u> time I phoned, I was told that if I can prove that my husband & I came out to Spain on a temporary basis, ie not not a permanent contract, that I would be entitled and would not have to wait three years...It&acute;s called a temporary break in residence....So my husband (who is a teacher) wil be speaking to the Head today and asking him if he can write a letter as evidence that his contract was not permanent & that he has had to sign a new contract each year... that is what the guy on the phone told me we need to do, to provide evidence...
    So, we shall see! The third option sounds the best one, otherwise I will just have to wait till 2013 to apply & hope to start 2014!! [​IMG] (three years after arriving..) let&acute;s hope I don&acute;t have to wait....Who knows what the fees/ package would be like by then!
  4. TowelHill

    TowelHill New commenter


    I have a similar problem. I have been teaching in Primary schools and universities in China for the last four years. I have been offered a place starting in September to teach secondary maths. I've been told that I am not seen as an ordinarily resident and won't be entitled to a halfpenny. I'm kind of deluding myself thinking I will work something out. Is there any hope?
  5. Citizens of EU countries get 'home' status in the UK. You are Spanish so qualify. You have lived in the UK and in your own country, Spain. I think the people you are speaking with do not really know the rules. They are quite clear:


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