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Not enough supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by spiderwomen, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. spiderwomen

    spiderwomen New commenter

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed but I don't seem to be getting any supply work as the work predominantly goes to oversea teachers. It seems they get much more preference and I can understand how in the past they were needed, but now there isn't enough and British trained teachers are out of work. It's just that all the British supply teachers I've spoken to say there not getting work etc. The oversea teachers don't seem to be struggling. Also what I've noticed is nearing the end of term, there seems to more work around as they've all jetted off due to the amount of money they've earnt! I'm a really good supply teacher and have been forced to sign on due to the lack of work. I'm not having a dig at overseas teachers but it doesn't seem fair that I can barely afford to eat, and Aussies and New Zealanders are able to fund their travels. It's so frustrating as I know I could work if this wasn't the case. What are other peoples' view?
  2. bobbycatrules

    bobbycatrules New commenter

    I am a supply teacher and this does not seem to be my experience. There is supply work out there- I have worked almost every day since September and I am booked in advance up to three weeks ahead at the moment. I rarely come across overseas teachers on my travels around schools.
  3. Then you are a very lucky person. Many places in England do not have any supply work and has been like that for several years. Have you not been reading any of these threads.
  4. I take it that you are primary or long term secondary? Or just a lucky sod!?
  5. ...probably both!
    ...there is little or no supply out there. We have to distinguish between what is happening in relation to supply availability.
    ...In simple terms the demand for supply teachers is at best poor and at worst non-existent due to the over use and reliance on CS. Yes, there maybe some pockets where supply is doing well, but one needs to see the threads from this forum to know that its pretty damm **** out there.
    ...schools are not helping the situation whatsoever by their Laissez Faire attitude to the needs of their pupils...again, this is primarily as CS bods are cheap and budgets are low.
    ...so, Not enough supply....please tell us something we dont know
  6. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    I'm lucky enough to still be picking up a reasonable amount of supply work but the difference is now I rarely see another supply teacher whilst I'm at a school.
    It was the case that you used to regularly bump into the same people in different schools when you could swop ideas and stories (more often "horror" stories). That network has now gone I last spoke to a fellow supply about three weeks ago.
  7. ...Im afraid day-to-day stuff is all but a dream. Only longer term stuff is around but again at vastly reduced rates.
    ...to put into perspective, I did a long term 7 month booking from an agency till July 2011. Since then same agency has not got me a jot. Competition amongst agencies is brutal and I suspect the same agency I got the booking through, has not been able to find me anything of value since.
    ...I count my blessings that I have had a booking for a while now, albeit part time, but a booking nonetheless. Schools do ask me back by name, as did the school I completed my last long term stint, but pickings are few and far between
    ..agreed, the network of supply teachers has all but gone. Many have abandoned ship, others retired and some cant get a look as they are deemed too expensive.
  8. I do not have an issue with overseas trained teachers. Because after all our teaching qualification still holds respect overseas. We would hope for fair treatement if we take the risk of an overseas post.
    If I had more money and a bit younger I would be applying to get out of this mess!
  9. I do not have an issue with overseas trained teachers. Because after all our teaching qualification still holds respect overseas. We would hope for fair treatement if we take the risk of an overseas post.

    Not so my friend..my two German degrees and PGCE are not worth much if I go to Germany and want to teach in mainstream secondary. Although German teachers come here and their quals. are accepted. I would have to do quite a considerable bit of retraining and then I fear, the Germans would favour their own.
  10. Fair comment Ostpreussen. My post was meant in general terms.
  11. Also Ostpreussen, my time in Germany as a 'gastarbeiter', definately made me feel like they favour their own!
    However I see it all now as a big 'educational experience', So I always have thoughts regarding how it is for overseas teachers when they want to work in UK schools.
    The oveseas police checks, the Crb's and things.

  12. Interestng that you worked as a Gastarbeiter Geoffone.Hope your experiences were more favourable than Gunter Walraff's! You may have read his book Lowest of the Low I think think the English title is called. He exposed a "hidden" Germany which many foreigners often do not see on the outside looking in.
    I tell my cousins in Germany (both teachers) about the working conditions here and they cannot believe it (and their luck!). My one cousin professed that the teachers in Germany would walk out if Ofsted walked in!
    I am in the process off sending my certificates off to the education ministry in Schleswig Holstein, but the chances of me getting a job there are bleak and their Staatsexamen lasts years compared to our PGCE! I am also 46 so my age will go against me. But I am giving it a shot.
    Anything must be better than supply in the UK!
  13. Ganz Unten, Guenter Walraff caused a stir with that book. I was the Gastarbeiter, But Ganz Unten in German written in a sort of Gastarbeiter dialogue in German, I could read it easily.
    On a personal level, If I still had my German contacts, I would pack the rucksack sort out some accommodation and nip down to the Arbeitsamt and see what I could pick up with the good quals.
    high risk particularly as you are not 25 anymore.
    BAOR British Army of the Rhine was always a good call however you have to be in germany with an address to see what can rock and roll. Also the Rhine Army is not the big force it what is my day.
    Good luck and if you do something Germanwise keep posting!

  14. Thanks Geoffone. Yes, I think GW was blacklisted for all his undercover work!
    My mother was German so I have v. close ties to the country and spent 2 glorious years in the former GDR! Back in the socialist days pre-Wende! That really was the experence of a lifetime although I did not savour it then.
    My cousin's husband says that whatever I do teaching-wise out there would generate more income than I would get here But I have never been money motivated or materialistic!
    I will explore working there (and even consider a spot o' retrianing) or even running my own English tuition business there.
    You might want to do his yerself if you have a certain Heimweh or Wehmut or Sehnsucht for Germany! Man lebt nur einmal!
  15. I am still getting a reasonable amount of day to day supply. Earlier this week I was in a school where there were 3 other supplies too. We were covering teachers who were revamping the maths scheme or something. One of those teachers was Canadian and she can't believe how we are treated here. In Canada you would be paid more, ALWAYS be given thorough planning, have an hour a day paid for marking and prep..... But I can't say I've noticed many foreign teachers round here.
  16. Try reading the statistical information coming out of the DfE sometime. Last year the Tax Payers Alliance published a report on the amount secondary schools spent on "supply teachers" in one year - £293 million. Then look at the numbers of staff working in schools - teachers, teaching assistants (incl HLTAs) office staff etc. No mention at all of cover supervisors and when I asked the DfE for the number of CSs they stated that they do not have a record of the numbers.
    All the numbers quoted by the DfE are based on results obtained on one particular census day. One interesting figure was the total of 12,200 "occasional teachers" These are defined as being those on a contract of less than one month. Could that mean the total of all supply teachers being used on that day but does it mean just those on a short term booking or would any of them be in on just a day's booking.
    This figure of 12,200 represents just about 25% of the total of all supply teachers who are looking for work i.e. 25% of the number of supply teachers registered with the GTC.
  17. spiderwomen

    spiderwomen New commenter

    Many thanks. It's good to hear others just confirming what I've suspected. The teaching profession isn't what it used to be.
  18. bobbycatrules

    bobbycatrules New commenter

    Indeed I have been reading these threads about supply teaching. I replied to the OP because they began the post with 'has anybody noticed....'. I was just giving the other side of the argument that I have not come across many overseas trained teachers doing supply. I guess I am a lucky supply teacher, as in my experience, there are pockets of work to be had.
    I work in Primary from Nursery to Year 6 and occasionally I go to secondary schools though not if I can help it.
    What I have noticed, however, over 10 years of supply teaching, is that although the amount of work has not dropped, the daily rate has. Ten years ago I was on £130 per day but now it's nearer to £115.00.
  19. Well, all I can say is that, in my experience, secondary supply in London, whether day-to-day or long-term is absolutely dead.
  20. You're very, very lucky bobbycatrules. Where in the country are you?

    I'm primary too, and will teach Nursery to Year 6 and I've yet to have a single day's supply teaching. I spent last week doing some TA work and the school wanted me to stay on but, as it was only part time, it would have cost me money to work for the week.

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