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Not enough hours to teach Btec?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Fallenleaf, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. We’ve just been given our timetables for next year, and the hours we have been allocated to teach Btec level 3 are only 75% of the hours recommended by the exam board. We don’t think we can finish teaching our units in this time. The head of department and deputy head are totally dismissive of our concerns, but neither of them teach Btec. Other managers have suggested all the Btec teachers get together and protest, but we are not really sure who else teaches Btec in other departments.
    Has anyone else had to teach Btec in less hours? How did you get on?

  2. scienceteacha

    scienceteacha New commenter

    At Level 2 Science is perfectly doable in 50% of the exam boards allocated time!
  3. How many hours have you been given, for which courses?
  4. 3 teachers have 4 hours a week each, we are supposed to each complete three units of 60 hours guided learning time. Can it be done? I agree shorter hours isn't a problem at level two, I'm not so worried about that, just the level three.
  5. poloriain

    poloriain New commenter

    As its guided learning could you set work to be completed outside of lessons. As long as it was detailed and focused (e.g. some research work on a topic or relevant questions around one of the criteria) I don't see why it would not count towards the guided learning hours. If you check to see how many hours you need to make up you could spread this throughout the year. I have had the same problem when teaching BTEC (although it is only a few hours short)

  6. <font face="Calibri">Guided learning is the time spent with the teacher. There is a huge amount of independent research and individual work to do outside of that already. I just have serious doubts about whether it is possible to fit all the guided learning into the hours we have been given, so I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has managed this, in any subject.</font>
  7. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    What does this say about what the qualification is actually worth? We have had pupils in our school doing Btecs and when they have applied to sixth form colleges, the college have told them that they do not accept these instead of GCSE. I don't know what it is like at your school but in our school, there is no thought for what is actually the best for the pupils. We too have had to do them in various subjects in less time that the guided learning hours. In some subjects pupils have not even been given the option to do GCSE, only Btec because it allows the school to cram more onto the timetable and get more "results".

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