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Not being recommended for QTS due to Covid19

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Kab3to, May 27, 2020.

  1. Kab3to

    Kab3to New commenter


    I believe my training providers have made an unfair decision by deciding not to recommend myself and another student. Throughout my first and second placement all of my grades were between grades 2 and 3, with some aspects of 1s within some of my lessons during the first placement. Furthermore, a fellow student also achieved similar grades during their placements. My grades showed that I would have been on track to achieving the teaching standards, my second tutor also stated that I would definitely be graded high 2s if I just tightened up certain aspects of my lessons. There were a few concerns with my organisation, however I had begun to show vast improvement in this skill but the tutors apparently needed to see more evidence of this and that was their deciding factor. Shouldn't have their deciding factor have been if I were on track to achieving standards?

    I aim to make a formal complaint about this and hopefully take further action as it has greatly affected my mental health and my families position financially as I now need to take out another loan to complete another placement! Therefore, how would I go about making a complaint?
  2. Owleyes00

    Owleyes00 New commenter

    Sorry to hear you are disappointed that you are not being recommended for QTS. Under normal circumstances you would have been given more support to help you meet the standards in this last term...but these are not normal circumstances.

    You would need to check your university's formal complaints procedure which will differ by institution. However, I would not get your hopes up. It is the case at many academic institutions that you are welcome to complain but this will not actually get your mark changed unless you can prove that there has been a mistake ( for example. my dad was successful in his chemistry degree but only because he proved the question set was mathematically unsolvable).

    The guidance from the DfE says that they will update on those not on track to meet the standards so you may not have to take out another loan etc. However I would agree that you are probably not on track if you were getting 3s sorry.
  3. Kab3to

    Kab3to New commenter

    That's fair, I would also agree! However I have seen other students from other providers being recommended with all 3s! It seems the guidance from the Dfe is vary vague and schools are interpretating it differently. I just wish for fair treatment and more guidance for students in my position as it feels as though we have been left on the sidelines. How is it okay to leave students in the dark for months without any information on what their future might entail? It's disastrous for our mental health and well-being.
  4. teebo1981

    teebo1981 New commenter

    Absolutely agreed. The DFE need to get some proper guidance out!
  5. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    Are you training through a school or through a university?

    Apart from your formal lesson observations what evidence so you have that you are meeting the teaching standards? If you have a strong portfolio you may be in a better position to argue your case.

    I believe DFE guidance is due out tomorrow
  6. tkm81

    tkm81 New commenter

    No guidance yet :(
  7. littleme28

    littleme28 New commenter

    Does anyone know what is happening with this? It's so frustrating, and people's careers are on hold.
  8. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Yes, if you aren’t recommended then you are entitled to financial support to the tune of £1300 a month while you obtain the evidence towards your QTS. What we are doing is arranging for the schools to spend the money they would have given the teacher on covering the classes whilst they host the teacher for a period. Thus the school doesn’t lose out. The DFE have been pretty fair. They have said these are not people who would have failed, but people who weren’t quite making enough progress but who would have probably bucked up with a bit of support. Because you haven’t had that opportunity, they are giving you the opportunity, paid, in September. If you formally appeal, well, that could mean all those arrangements get put to one side And there is no guarantee you will win. It’s a tricky one really. I had to put my decisions through three scrutiny boards including externals. Overturning all of that will be hard. Your mentor, your tutor, the uni board and the externals all have to be wrong. They have thrown a lot of cash at the problem so if you’ve got a job, actually it’s not such bad deal. If you haven’t got a job then it’s a great deal.
  9. ally2900

    ally2900 New commenter

    Thank you for your reply @MrMedia . Do you know how long this would be for?
  10. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    It has limits rather than a specified length, the limit is 3 months unless in exceptional circumstances. The most common length is half a term so ready to start work in November,
  11. ally2900

    ally2900 New commenter

    Thanks for your reply again @MrMedia. I’ve sent you one of those conversation things
  12. teebo1981

    teebo1981 New commenter

    Can I jump in on this thread. What if you have no desire to go back to train and you have a job where they are ready to help you achieve Qts.. if you withdraw from ITT are there any repercussions? I just want to leave the horrible second placement and start afresh..

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