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Not an old fashioned English school in Doha

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Divvy, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have any information on the school which is not an old fashioned English school in Doha.
  2. I worked at the EMS a number of years ago. It was the worst run school I have ever come across. As far as I am aware it has moved to a new site but if the same owners are in charge then stay away.
  3. This description sounds rather like one for another school in Doha. Unfortunately, more and more schoools seem to be going out of their way to give inaccurate information to prospective teachers.
  4. Mariadelasol

    Mariadelasol New commenter

    Well...now that it is 2011...I am wondering if this school has changed for the better ?
    I have been offered :
    9025 QR monthly
    single housing
    baggage allowance
    BUT I have to pay utilities and get a taxi to work.
    I hear taxis are difficult to find in Doha ? Also I realize the salary offer is very low. Can I be a member of a nice gym, go out to eat 2-3x a week and see a movie 1x week on this salary and still save ?
    Any updated info on this school and Doha would be much appreciated!
  5. That pay is unacceptable. I would look at other schools that will pay 12-14 QR which is the norm.
  6. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    totally agree, pay is woefully low and you should not be paying bills - ditch
  7. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes, I would agree that the salary is not up to much. The school where they speak English in Doha and the messy school pay a lot better. On the other hand, being unemployed might not be much fun...
  8. Mariadelasol

    Mariadelasol New commenter

    Yes, being unmployed is not fun at all....
    Does anyone know how hard it is to find taxis in Doha ?

  9. Mariadelasol

    Mariadelasol New commenter

    Made a mistake....I won't be paying electricity or water bills......
  10. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    It's a low salary for Doha, but it's still up to you whether it's worth it for you. If you're experienced internationally with good references, keep looking. If you want to break into the international arena, you might think about it.
    To answer your question, I think you can afford to go out to eat and have a decent time on that salary, but how much you can afford depends largely on what you need to put aside for your trips home and to beaches in Thailand, your mortgage, saving for retirement. The salary you mention is low, and not likely to allow you to do all of the above. You'd have to pick one or two to focus on.
    Gym costs I'm not sure about, as my employer provides several for free. My understanding, which could be incorrect, is that many housing compounds or apartment buildings provide their own gyms, of varying quality but at least free. Beyond that, major hotels sell gym memberships, but their facilities are really flash and really expensive, probably beyond the reach of that salary unless you cut back in other major areas. I'm not sure what's available in between those options.
  11. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    You can always get a taxi from the airport, Villagio and City Centre, but there are masses of places in Doha where you can stand all day waiting for a taxi. That is no fun if you have shopping and it's forty degrees plus. Young ladies who wait on street corners for taxis might find themselves in an embarrassing situation.
    You can book a taxi ahead, but sometimes you will need to do it a day or more in advance. Compared to the UK, taxis in Doha are pretty cheap.
  12. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    If you drive, buy a car.
    If you don't drive, make an agreement with a taxi driver to take you to and from school each day for a fixed price. It'll be masses cheaper than hiring ad hoc. And that driver can also be your go-to for all other trips.
    Or car pool, and pitch in for gas. Just don't be one of my former passengers who would rave about how much money she saved by not having a car, while we'd be sitting at the petrol station and I'd be forking over the dosh. After a few too many times where she 'didn't have her wallet with her', I found a convenient excuse never to let her in my car again.
  13. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Hiring a car is an expensive option - think of 2,000 QR a month as a ballpark figure - and maybe it is okay for the first month or so, until your RP comes through. Then buy a car.
  14. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    One alternative is carpooling.
    When I lived in Dubai and worked in Abu Dhabi, it was a standard thing. 3 or 4 of us would hire the car together and one person would have it as their "normal" car. We split the cost equally amongst the group with one extra share for the person who had the hire car in the evenings. At the end of the first month we calculated how much the fuel had cost and we then divided this in a similar way and added it to the total. We worked out a routine of who would be picked up and dropped off at which times etc. etc.
    A good carpool is a rare and wonderful thing!

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