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Northumbria Primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ilav84, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Hi Im a 25 year old male and Ive an interview for PGCE Primary teaching at the start of March. In the letter it says there will be a group interview, presentation (2mins), individual interview, maths and english test. I am a bit worried about the whole interview especially the math and english test. The interview task or presentation is going to 2...mins and no more and it will be on something like:I would use display in my classroom to.....Using computers in the classroom helps children to....etc
    Has anyone done an interview with Northumbria before or had a similar sort of interview before, if so the i was wondering if you could give me some help. Can anyone remember what was asked at there interview. Also does anyone know any good websites to read up on things that are likely to asked at the interview? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello,
    I am in exactly the same position. I am a 25yr old female and only found out today about my interview at Northumbria so I really only have 3 weeks to prepare. I would also appreciate any advice anyone could give, as I am especially nervous about the presentation.
  3. Looks like nobody cares about us Emma haha. Is your interview on the 10th of March? Have you done much preparation?
  4. you would use classroom display to:
    celebrate childrens achivements/ show off work
    support learning enviornment
    interactive displays to encourage and consolidate learning
    offer learning tools on an informal basis

    ICT in classroom to:
    - make learning interactive
    - visual resource
    - support children with special educational needs (maybe some maths or literacy games)
    - develop ICT skills, so children are for instance developing skills of using a database to record information about minibeasts in a science topic etc - so that it is cross curricular

  5. Thanks, some good info and ideas their.
  6. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    I went to Northumbria. The interview day is pretty full on, but manageable.
    The presentation bit - they put you into small groups of about 6, offer you a card with a statement on relating to education, ie - what is the benefit of ICT in the classroom, what would your ideal classroom look like, how would you know your children were making progress, what types of books would best support children's learning, and my personal favourite (the one I got and changed - as you're allowed to changed and not be penalised), what is the role of the headteacher! They give you lunch time to prepare for this. They are looking more for your presenting skills (the whole standing up in front of a class) than your knowledge (obviously it helps if you actually do sound knowledgeable). You will be stopped after 2 minutes so be concise.
    The interview is bog standard but may contain some elements of your presentation if they want more info.
    The maths/ eng test is fairly straight forward. The maths is word problems - there are 20 children in the class, 25% on free school meals how many children are on free school meals type stuff. They read them twice and give you about 30 seconds to work it out.
    The english test is basically a reading comprehension. Read and respond - what do you think the piece is saying.
    Best of luck
  7. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    oops forgot to mention - the group interview is usually after the presentations - you get the chance ask questions of the other people in your group - use this time wisely. You need to be able to hold your own, to come across as a listener but just as importantly as someone with whom others can get along with!
    In other words - Don't let others talk you down, or over the top of you, but equally do not be a gobby know-it-all!
  8. Thanks guys. Some really great advice there! It sounds like I had better get revising! It seems straight forward enough but it's going to be a long day! My interview is March 9th. Ive just booked my flights, which thankfully, were not too expensive! Good luck!
  9. <font size="2">Hey guys - I had a Successful interview for the Primary PGCE at Northumbria 3 years ago however couldn&rsquo;t take the place due to a nasty football injury! I re-applied this year and have my interview at the end of the month.</font><font size="2">As previously mentioned, the day is pretty intense however the time flies by as you are kept busy all day! All of the university staff are great at putting you at ease and are not trying to catch you out, they just want to see a bit of passion for education and that your personality shines through.</font><font size="2">As for dress code, I would dress smart as if it was a normal interview, all of the men were wearing suits and I don&rsquo;t recall seeing any denim or casual wear.</font><font size="2">From other comments it doesn&rsquo;t seem like the interview process has changed much using the same presentations etc.</font><font size="2">I hope this has been of some use and good luck!</font>

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