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Northumbria Flexi PGCE - 2011

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Missdon, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Just wanted to say hello to anyone else starting the PGCE Flexi at Northumbria in September. I have chosen ages 3-7 and am planning on doing it over 6 terms as I have two young children.
    Looking forward to the weekend of the 9/10th sept! Anyone looked at the standards list they sent? I have been trying to fill a few in from my school experience so far but don't know quite how much evidence they need. Do you have to get it signed by the teachers you were working with at the time?
    Miss Don
  2. Hi Miss Don,

    Hooray I have finally founs someone else who is alos doing the Primary PGCE at Northumbria, I am also specialising in the 3-7 age group and I can't wait.
    I have just today printed of the paparework for the TDA standards and plan to get a file ASAP to start pulling my evidence together as for signatures, I had not thought about it but I suppose it won't hurt to have them signed ready for the 10/11 Sept.
    I also have 2 young children aged 1 and 5, so its definately going to make for a very busy but hopefully funfilled year. Where will you be travelling from on the weekend?
    Look forwrad to meeting you.

  3. Hi I'm also starting the Flexi PGCE at Northumbria in Sept - I too have 2 small children but thinking about doing it in 4 or 5 terms - not sure yet!
    I'm doing 5-11s.
    Really looking forward to the weekend (think it's 10th and 11th by the way).
    I have lots of stuff to type up and not started on the reading list yet - have you managed to find any of the books in your local libraries?

    Where are you both from? I live in Newcastle. Look forward to meeting you both - what are your real names? I'm Helen!

  4. Hello,

    I have just registered with this site so I hope this reply joins on the end of this convo instead of just going to Helen!

    I too am starting on Saturday. I only just completed my undergraduate degree in June (I think they shifted my application to the flexible course because the full time may have been full). I'm not complaining though as it means I can take a bit more time to complete this now - I'm hoping to do it in 4 terms. Did we specify on our interview day? I can't remember!

    You done all the prep work? I don't really get the 33 standards sheets but I've made some stuff up! I only have 1 book (the one which they stated 'everyone must have a copy of this' one).

    It's Louisa by the way!
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks for posting back. Sorry it's taken a while to get back after my first post - I am not very techy and only just found it again. I am doing it part time (up to 6 terms) depends on how much I can get done with a 5 and 3 year old... I am travelling up from Teesside so only about an hour away. Stuck my standards on the wall and filled in a few bits but I don't think any of it will count as it's just my say so! Never thought to collect any evidence while doing work experience. I have read a couple of books but only got three highlighted one's off the course list. I am looking forward to it but bit nervous too! x
  6. Yer, I only really collected evidence on the little tasks that were set for our week in a school. Most of my responses for the standards are repeats, but I'm just hoping the idea of the prep work is so we have something to start from/contribute to discussions. I haven't read anything, but my degree was in Educational Studies, so I'm just gonna wing it all from the past 3 years this weekend! My friend is doing the full time course starting tomorrow (Monday 5th) so I am meeting her on Friday to get some inside info :).

    What day was your interview on? I'm from Newcastle, but did my degree in York, so as I have a flat here with my boyfriend, I'll be doing it from here. Will be staying at my home home in Newcastle over the weekend though. It'll be good to see if anyone we did interviews with arrives on Saturday!
  7. Hi guys - nice to find some other friendly folk starting on Saturday! [​IMG]
    Am actually quite nervous about the whole thing as I have not studied since my degree nearly 20 years ago!! On the 3-7's route and hoping to complete it in 4 terms (if my brain wakes up in time!). Have found the standards sheet quite tricky to fill in - am assuming it will be a lot easier once we are actually proper student teachers...
    I'm Sharon by the way and I live up here in the sunny North East [​IMG]
  8. We might be in the same groups for things - I'm doing 3-7s in 4 terms too (hopefully)! Just been reading another thread on what to buy for your PGCE and the list is endless! I have 1 file and 1 notepad....they are all saying like 16 files, laminators, papercutters, external hardrives etc...! YIKES.
  9. Eek - expensive! I have a few files (mostly emptied from long time ago study), but think I will wait until I actually need other stuff...am sure a file and a note pad will suffice for now - as long as you have a pen too!! [​IMG]
  10. Hello,

    Am very excited to find other people doing this course. I'm looking forward to Saturday/Sunday. Am getting very nervous though as well. I'm Lisa by the way. I seem to have been thinking about everything I need to do for this weekend for a long time, but now I'm worried that it's all wrong [​IMG]
    Am sure everything will be ok though...
  11. I've been doing plenty of worrying too!
    Will be glad once we've started...then my worrying can be used to get something constructive done!!!
  12. Joanne2009

    Joanne2009 New commenter

    I am hoping to apply for a PGCE for Sept 12. I didn't realise Northumbria did a flexi PGCE. I will have to look into it. I would prefer to take longer doing the course.
    I have 2 children (boy 7, girl 3) and both will be in full time school by next year.
    I live in sunny Darlington. I start my first voluntary placement next week (one day a week) at a local primary and I have another school lined up for 1/2 a day a week soon. I already have experience in schools as a STEM ambassador so hoping by the time interviews come round then that will be enough.
    I work 3 days in another career but I am switching my career pathway back to teaching (what I should have done in the first place). I am interested in teaching the 5-11 year olds.
    Keep posting with 'how I am getting on posts'.......and GOOD LUCK!

  13. Hi Everyone,
    I previously posted I am Carolyn and as with all of you, I am very excited for the weekend although worried the work i have produced is going to be all wrong but hey atleast there will be a starting point lol!!
    I look forward to meeting you all in the morning, I am off to bed now for some much needed rest before what promises to be a gruelling weekend.
  14. Well, I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever received so much information in one go before! Was good to meet everyone and see some people who we interviewed with. Poppieseed - are you Sharon Simpson? If so, accept my facebook friend request haha.
  15. Joanne2009

    Joanne2009 New commenter

    Hi Miss Don,
    I have sent you a message :)

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