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Northface Nuptse womens vest jacket..are they worth the price?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jjcool, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. According to my 30 yr old outdoorsy daughter the only quality down brands worth having are North Face and Rab-the others use more feathers than down-which means heavier and not so insulating-and if the stitching or fabric are not so good then then feathers seem to work their way out. She has had a Nuptse vest for a couple of years and swears by it-although she bought the men's to get a longer fit. She had me trying on North face jackets when we went to the sales on Boxing day-I find that my arms get too cold to wear just the vest.
    I got enough money for christmas to get a jacket and after doing lots of checking out online have just succumbed and bought a Rab Ascent jacket from Outdoorkit.co.uk (about the same price at the Nuptse but with a detachable hood and longer in the body-ordered at 4.37pm and arrived by noon the next day). Am hoping my arthritic spine will feel the benefit and will save me from having to wear quite so many heavy layers. If you are planning to buy you should check out online soon as many places will not restock until the autumn and many don't have all the sizes left.
  2. My outdoorsy son has sworn by RAB vests for many years. (His girlfriend got one for Christmas from him too). He always buys black ones and they stay looking good for ages, which is no mean feat as he is the muckiest person I know. I've even washed them a few times (in soap flakes) and put them in the tumble dryer to re-fluff them. Good as new.
  3. I have this in white and absolutely love it! I found mine for £90 a couple of years ago, I definitely think it's worth the money. It washes well and goes in the tumble dryer on a low heat. I think you should definitely get one!

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