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North Yorkshire peeps help needed please!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by notime, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I have just returned from maternity leave and I am trying to access the North Yorkshire planning materials for English, which I used to access through their website ( which it now says they don;t exist) and then after that through Fronter (which for some reason says I don't have room access). Is there anyone who has the R/Y1 mixed age planning and rolling program? or who knows what is happening with Fronter at the mo?

  2. How odd, I've just logged on to Fronter and can't get in the English room - the North Yorkshire subject rooms seem to have all gone! All I can think is that our ICT person needs to give us access to the right rooms again for the new year. I have some of the info on my memory stick. If you post your email address, I can forward what I have. Do you mean you need the yellow and green grids with planning for each unit? That's what we use. I hope I can help!
  3. We were told that we wouldn't have any access to Fronter at all over the holidays... Think they might be doing some maintenance work.
  4. Hi there, apologies for the inconvenience but we've been reconfiguring the NYCC Fronter building - 'Access North Yorks' - and schools who have bought into the Service Level Agreement (nyASSIST) will have access from next week. School staff will use a school username rather than a personal one from now on - these will be sent to schools very soon and may have already been sent (I'll check and will post an update - just got back from holiday).

    We did send a letter out in the Red Bag before the holidays and we'll post an update there and in the Fronter Support Room (you should still have access to this). Contact me via the Support Room if you need any more help.

    Jon Farley
  5. fulloffun

    fulloffun New commenter

    sounds interesting.As I don't work in North Yorkshire I am envious that your authority has provided mixed aged plans for R/Y1 on a rolling programme .My authority provides nothing.Whilst I have done my own planning for many years working as the only r/y1 in a small school I have no one to 'bounce' ideas or share with.My authority did try to set up a working r/y1 group but it didn't take off.
  6. It's the English consultants who have set up the planning. I think it's good. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything for other subjects for R/Y1...and planning that is fully supported/endorsed by BOTH subject consultants and Early Years Advisors/Consultants.
  7. Just to let you know that all the North Yorkshire curriculum rooms are online again. As I said before your school username and password will have been sent to your school admin email address. If you have any problems with access please contact me via the Fronter Support Room or contact Q and I at County Hall
  8. Thank you Jon. We received the new password from the head on Monday, so I now have the documents.

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