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North Tyneside SCITT

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jen_m_1986, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Is there anyone here who is doing the North Tyneside SCITT? I've applied for the 2012/13 intake and just wondered how you're finding the course so far? I have the subject audits tomorrow and I'm really nervous about them!
  2. Hi,

    Is there anyone here who is doing the North Tyneside SCITT? I've applied for the 2012/13 intake and just wondered how you're finding the course so far? I have the subject audits tomorrow and I'm really nervous about them!
  3. I've got the subject audits tomorrow too... Nervous! Any hints?
  4. Still trying to do some! Heard that its not reall that bad but everything you read about the TDA one is a horror story... Can't do much more though so I'm just crossing fingers now! Have you done much?
  5. I've looked through the KS3 BBC Bitesize stuff and done a few KS3 sats past papers but I'm not confident at all! Good. luck! :)
  6. Hi guys! I am in the same boat! I have applied to North Tyneside too. I havent had my audits yet. What did you think? Are they tough? I am really nervous about them. I think English will be ok but Im not brilliant at Maths and it is AGES since I did any Science! Any pointers? General areas of study? I dont think I expected the range to be as advanced as KS3! Eeek!
  7. Hiii everyone! I have my audits on the 8th of February, does anyone else?
    I am so worried and even more so after hearing my friends report of her experience at Gateshead SCITT interview today.

    Could anyone give any advice about the subject audits and do we do both mental arithmetic and an additional written numeracy paper? Im so scared.
  8. Hello,
    I've done a SCITT interview as well and don't worry about the tests at all. You don't have to be nervous - Unless you fail English, which assuming you can write complex sentences in paragraphs with full stops and the odd big word, it shouldn't affect your chances of getting on the course. It gives the course leaders a heads up on what you need to study over the summer and what you may need help with.
    Good Luck

  9. Hello SG1989, I'm going to the Gateshead SCITT selection day in March and am already panicking! What did your friend say it involved?/ What did they say was the hardest part?
    Your audits should be ok, I reckon the best practice you can get is at timed mental arithmetic tests. I've heard they are the worst part. Good luck.
  10. Im still trying to revise for my subject audits. I was just wondering of those who have already completed them: are they multiple choice?
    Im so nervous about them with not knowing what to expect. How complex are the questions on the mental maths test?
  11. Also... do I need to take maths equipment like a protractor, ruler etc?
    Is the mental arithmatic timed?
    Sorry. Im starting to really freak out about these. Can somebody please put my mind at rest? [​IMG]
  12. Hi everyone! I have my audits on 8th feb as well - I'm ill! I don't remember maths being this difficult when I was in primary school! I'm really trying to brush up on my maths skills I've bought Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 study book from Waterstones - I'm sure I didn't learn half of the stuff in the KS2 one until I was in high school! Not to worry, I'm sure we will all be fine :)

    Anglexikih - I didn't even think about taking maths apparatus with me - I don't even own any! I wonder if we will be allowed to use a calculator for some of the questions?

    I'm OK with the English side of things, and know roughly what to expect with maths (well, I say that, I'm just going off the books!) but I have no idea what sort of things we will be covering on the science one!

    Good luck everyone!
  13. I have my audits on 8th at Langdale centre too. Im terrified! I was awful at maths at Gcse, and I havent dont any maths since then and I am terrified. I have tried practice papers and im terrible haha

    also another question, are you going in proper interview clothes? I was obviously going smart but seeing as its just a test not an interview I didn't know whether to dress up fully?

    ahh so scared!
  14. Hi a020!
    I think she didn't really know what to expect so she went in quite confident and as soon as she got in she just felt totally out of her depth.
    She said out of the whole day the hardest part was the literacy and numeracy tests and then the interview in the afternoon. They had to do a presentation in the morning, then they had their audits, followed by an activity with the children, then had lunch and the one to one interview in the afternoon.
    She said they gave you the questions for the interview 20minutes prior so you can prepare your answers, but said she just fell apart in the interview. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses! I am sure you will be absolutely fine, try not to panic unlike me who's doing mental arithmetic's in my sleep and I'm still not confident at all.

    Hope it goes well, Good Luck!
  15. I was the same - I only got a C for GCSE maths and haven't touched it since! It seems to much harder now than it was when I was at school! I've been going through revision books but not sure how much of it I've actually taken in :/ I'm so nervous! I keep thinking that it can't be that bad....but then I read the TDA website and they sound awful on there :( I think I'm going to go in smart clothes - not interview smart because apparently it's quite informal, but like smart-casual I think! :)
  16. Im strung out to bits about these audits. I have looked at a fair amount of stuff but I just dont think it is going in! I really wish they would have given us a little bit more idea of what to expect. What form they are to take etc. I have all but given up now and Im feeling pretty down about it. I have two kids so revising has been a nightmare. I think I should have started last year! [​IMG]
    I am not going to go very dressy. trousers and a top. More bothered about being warm! [​IMG]
    Ah well... by this time tomorrow it will be all over with and I might have calmed down! Good luck guys! Lets hope we are stressed about nothing!
  17. amybee1

    amybee1 New commenter

    I have my audits coming up soon and im super nervous!

    how did they go? hope they weren't too bad for you.

    also would you mind letting me know what format the tests are, like where you on exam desks like you used to have in school haha or was it just on computers?

    thanks you, just im so nervous and would love to have some insight before i go

  18. How did everyone find the audits? I thought the written parts were OK, but struggled with the mental arithmetic because they were read out to us and timed! Done my best though, so all I can do it hope now!

    amybee1 - the tests were all written! The first was mental arithmetic and the lady read each question to us an we had 15 secs to answer. The others were written ones as well and we had to answer in a booklet - pretty much the same as we got at school! Hope that has helped - good luck!
  19. I thought it was all awful. I got total mental block. Really kicking myself because as soon as I came out I was thinking about certain questions and getting the answers. I guess I don't handle exams well! Could have been better prepared but think nerves got the better of me. Feeling quite down about it now.
  20. Well Im absolutely stunned to say I got an email today inviting me for an interview?!? I am thrilled to bits and totally surprised - no idea how I got through the audits... I was so sure I had done really badly!
    I have my interview on the 5th March. Anybody else had good news?!?!

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